Before we set up the tree and holiday decoration indoors (outdoors is an exception we do it by weather not calendar here in the north woods ) we always decorate for Thanksgiving.ย  I have always told the kids–but Stella is starting to get it–First we say Thank you for all we have, then we celebrate Christmas (which she is starting to be able to tell you is Jesus’ birthday).

This year, Daddy and Grandma are working on Thanksgiving.ย  Grandpa and Uncle are also working the family business.ย  Everyone else has other sides to go to.ย  There will be no Thanksgiving meal with that side of the family.ย  I felt bad that there was going to be no family get together….and my poor baby brother-he had absolutely nowhere to go.ย  His roommates were leaving and his family was leaving. SO, I am hosting a Thanksgiving lunch just him, the kids, and I. I want him to know I am thankful for him and I want the kids to know they are a part of a special family that loves and supports one another when we can.

As I am making my millions of lists for each party and celebration we have coming up in the next month, I just stop and realize how thankful I really am.ย  ย  I am so extremely grateful for so many blessings in my life and I cannot begin to tell you how much each one means to me.ย  As I try to think/list the things I am thankful for, I come up with the prayer we say with the kids every single night.

God Bless Mommy & Daddy, Nolan, Stella,& Brand New Baby, Grandmas & Grandpas, Uncles & Aunts, Cousins, Friends, and Doggies, too.  Thank you for our food, clothes, house, health, and happiness. Amen.

Life is hard.  Our life is really hard.  There are a lot of posts that express how hard they are–in the past and coming up.  The holiday season is a super exciting and fun, and super emotional and hard.  You will see posts saying both ways coming up too.  But before we get to the holidays, the emotions of all of them, I remember we have to say Thank you for all our blessings first. Thank you, Lord, for all the amazing blessings in my life. All of them.  When times are hard, please remind me all I have.  I have so many things wrapped up into one bed time prayer.

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