Pregnancy-Nolan Alex

 About 5 weeks

About 6 weeks

About 7 weeks

We were able to go in for our first appointment on January 6.  At the appointment we confirmed I was 7 weeks 5 days, officially due August 21, 2014, and we got to see our precious little one.

The week leading up to 9 weeks was a big one.
On Monday, Alex turned 26!

Also on Monday, I somehow managed to get my keys stuck in my car due to some security setting so that the battery went dead and I needed a ride to work on Tuesday, which ended up being an early dismissal because of a snow storm.

BUT on Wednesday morning, Alex woke early to snow blow the driveway for me.  He decided to do the neighbors sidewalk as well. He finished and went to turn around and come back home, and he slipped on the ice.  He and the snow blower fell and he hurt his knee. He rested all day but in the end, he could not bend his knee.  We ended up in the ER 12 hours later.  Good thing it was just a severe strain or partially torn meniscus, but nothing was broken or fully torn. **Confession time** I was starving after looking at the house and such right after school.  I normally eat at 4:30 and I could not make it any longer.  We went to our usual $7 burgers at Tanners first.  Then, since it was report card time, I stopped at home to pick up my school bag so I could work on report cards in the waiting room.  AFTER those detours, then I took him the ER***

We started looking for houses when we found out we were expecting. We love the little house we are renting, but thinking of a family of 3 and 2 dogs in 850 square feet was a little stressful.  We looked at 2 houses.  We loved the second one (on a Wednesday-yes Alex trucked through a house with out bending his knee).  Thursday we put in an offer.  After 7 counter offers, our offer was accepted with a contingency.

The week leading up to 9 weeks was a big one.
On Monday, Alex turned 26!

Also on Monday, I somehow managed to get my keys stuck in my car due to some security setting so that the battery went dead and I needed a ride to work on Tuesday, which ended up being an early dismissal because of a snow storm.

BUT on Wednesday morning, Alex woke early to snow blow the driveway for me.  He decided to do the neighbors sidewalk as well. He finished and went to turn around and come back home, and he slipped on the ice.  He and the snow blower fell and he hurt his knee. He rested all day but in the end, he could not bend his knee.  We ended up in the ER 12 hours later.  Good thing it was just a severe strain or partially torn meniscus, but nothing was broken or fully torn. **Confession time** I was starving after looking at the house and such right after school.  I normally eat at 4:30 and I could not make it any longer.  We went to our usual $7 burgers at Tanners first.  Then, since it was report card time, I stopped at home to pick up my school bag so I could work on report cards in the waiting room.  AFTER those detours, then I took him the ER***

We started looking for houses when we found out we were expecting. We love the little house we are renting, but thinking of a family of 3 and 2 dogs in 850 square feet was a little stressful.  We looked at 2 houses.  We loved the second one (on a Wednesday-yes Alex trucked through a house with out bending his knee).  Thursday we put in an offer.  After 7 counter offers, our offer was accepted with a contingency.

At 10 Weeks, to the day, we were told our house was a go.  We still do not have the official paperwork, but that should be coming through in the next week. We have a closing date set for March 7!


How far along? 11 weeks
Total Weight Gain: 1.5 lbs
Maternity Clothes? wearing more leggings and borrowing clothes from my mom.  Trying out a hair tie if I can get them over my hips.  I did buy maternity pants because I had a gift card, but don’t quite need them yet.
Stretch Marks? Nope, using my lotion to try to avoid them!
Sleep: Badger is going through some sort of sleep regression, so that has been waking us up.  I have also been trying really hard to sleep on my side and it at times wakes me up with a sore shoulder.  I am also getting up to go to the bathroom more.
Best Moment this Week: Signing the paperwork for our new house!
Miss Anything? Not really.  Feeling a little helpless when we are starting to pack and knowing I shouldn’t be lifting.
Movement: Not yet, excited for it thought!
Food Craving? I love fruit, orange juice, and lemonade right now.  Not really craving, but that is what I want.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Silly things like gross things on tv and gross sounds and smells make me gag.  Also, emptying the sink drain gets me every time.
Have you started to show yet? I bloat freakishly early, but it is just bloat for now.
Bellybutton in or out? innie still
Gender Prediction: Not sure why, but boy for now.
Wedding Rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time? Pretty Happy. I am nervous and anxious that everything goes well and have my crabby moments, but I have been pretty happy.
Looking forward to: Hearing the heartbeat on Monday!
Labor Signs? No way, thank God


How far along? 12 weeks
Total Weight Gain: 2 lbs
Maternity Clothes? yes.  It is nice not to have a button jabbing me in the stomach.  I am loving them.  I just bought jeans, been buying time with leggings and long sweaters too.
Stretch Marks? no
Sleep: pretty normal besides the dog
Best Moment this Week: Hearing the Heartbeat!!  A strong 164 BPM
Miss Anything? energy
Movement: no
Food Craving? drinking tons of lemonade
Anything making you queasy or sick? no
Have you started to show yet? I think it may be a little bit, though still a lot of bloating.
Bellybutton in or out? In, it is sticking further in…maybe the weight gain?
Gender Prediction: I am seriously 50/50
Wedding Rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time? pretty happy
Looking forward to: second trimester!
Labor Signs? no


How far along? 13 weeks
Total Weight Gain: 4.5 lbs
Maternity Clothes? 1 pair of work pants, 1 pair of jeans, and leggings.  Still wearing normal shirts.
Stretch Marks? no
Sleep: Still having puppy problems, parents in training apparently!
Best Moment this Week: Watching Kolton win conference, shopping for the first time with my mom for baby things.
Miss Anything? Sitting on bleachers and not feeling like my organs were being compressed. Energy
Movement: no
Food Craving? No, food tastes different still so I wont eat things I used to. Sometimes the foods appear to change day to day.
Anything making you queasy or sick? no
Have you started to show yet? I think so
Bellybutton in or out? In
Gender Prediction: Still 50/50
Wedding Rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time?  I have gotten much more emotional this week.  I have had 2 meltdowns at Alex (over very minor things) and then almost cried about it when telling work staff.  The Badger has been giving me a run for my money-He seems to be mad at me for being pregnant.  Apparently, he only chews my things and only when he knows he wont get caught in the act.  I have been pretty emotional about it and we are going to keep trying to find new things to ease his anxiety and hopefully we both don’t have an emotional breakdown in the next few months!
Looking forward to: watching my belly grow, feeling our baby move, and just the pregnancy in general.
Labor Signs? no
Anything Else? We got the 8 foot covered trailer loaded with the first load!  We got the full guest bed, basically all the house decorations, all the holiday decorations, and all the basement boxes, futon, and basement chairs all packed. Badger only chewed one side off of one box (which we just packed anyway).  *face palm* I had been packing slowly and Alex’s dad and brother came in and took all of it out for us.  The house is by no means empty but when shelves have no decorations and walls are all empty it is starting to feel like we are moving. There is still plenty to do, though we are trying not to pack to soon because we don’t want to pack things we need and knowing Wisconsin, the weather can be ANYTHING, in the next 3 weeks.  We shall see what move in day brings.  22 days till closing!


How far along? 14 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 5 lbs
Maternity Clothes? same maternity pants and leggings.  Have to wear looser shirts, the tighter ones make my belly itchy.  lol.
Stretch Marks? not yet
Sleep: Starting to get tougher.  Getting back aches, waking up to use the bathroom, and trying to get comfortable with out laying on my back and stomach as I used to.  May as well get used to it I guess.
Best Moment this Week: Telling my students!  They were so happy for us.  I have one little mother hen that keeps checking that I have enough food, other teacher’s don’t startle me, and that I don’t work to hard.  She is so cute, I am loving it.  Also, registering. It is amazing to think about out little one really coming to be with us with the stuff we are selecting.
Miss Anything? I am doing pretty good.  I think what bothers me the most is being able to pick up/lift anything I want, help others with hard work, and stand on chairs  and snow hills for recess duty with out being scolded
Movement: not yet, but I am so anxious for it!
Food Craving? still love lemonade, but will survive with out it.  Not sure if it is a craving or just a want, but I have had 2 foot long BLTs and then made myself a few more BLTs this week.  SO good!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Phlegm. Talk about it, sniffling it, it dripping, hacking it, anything.  The sound and thought makes me gag.  ewww.
Have you started to show yet? Yes, a little bump, though I do think its more my organs and baby still hiding behind it because the bump is rather high.
Bellybutton in or out? In, as the bump grows it is actually getting deeper in for now.
Gender Prediction:  Still 50/50!  I just cannot decide.
Wedding Rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time? I have my moments but I am mostly happy.
Looking forward to:  A growing baby and movement!  Also moving into our house.  This week, is catholic schools week make up, conferences make up, and more packing.  Mostly I am looking forward to resting!
Labor Signs? no way, thank God.
Anything Else? The move is finally getting close!  We purchased our washer and dryer, couch and recliner, and dining room table and chairs.  We are so excited to move into our home.  We had a great weekend bonding and getting ready for baby. Meeting Emily has made it surreal.  We are literally going to have a baby in our new home with the stuff we are registering for in around 26 weeks.  I cannot wait to be to be a mommy and set up our own house and live as a happy family in it!


How far along? 15 weeks
Total Weight Gain: 5 lbs
Maternity Clothes? still wearing the pants and regular shirts, thought the shirts are the looser ones.
Stretch Marks? not yet
Sleep: Sleep has been rough as I keep falling onto my back in the middle of the night, and when I am on my back I get a really bad back ache, almost like when I got my kidney infection.  I mentioned this to someone and they mentioned baby may be on my kidneys when I am on my back and that may be the source of the pain. Sure enough putting a pillow behind me and keeping me on my left side has helped my back and my sleep.
Best Moment this Week: Registering!  We loved getting an idea of what baby stuff we want and need.  It was also nice to spend some time together really planning about our baby!  We also got all the new stuff for the house!  We got a new washer and dryer, couch, recliner, kitchen table and chairs (bench), and some little stuff.   It has been a crazy busy week. The best moment was probably making it through the week.  I had tie-dying with the whole school on Monday, Field Trip on Tuesday (note to self: get a new bra or don’t sit in the back of the bus anymore!), and conferences all day on Thursday.  phew.
Miss Anything? Sleeping on my back, being able to lift things and not having to second guess myself.
Movement: Not yet
Food Craving? not this week
Anything making you queasy or sick? Still phlegm.  Ewww, please keep it away.
Have you started to show yet? I have started to show, but its not quite as big as it was because the bloating is going down. I am glad it is real baby in there now!
Bellybutton in or out? It is still in though not as far as it was a few weeks ago.
Gender Prediction: my gut is leaning towards boy, dont know why.
Wedding Rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time? I have had my moments, but relatively happy.
Looking forward to: Our Doctor appointment on Tuesday! I get to hear the heartbeat and talk to the doctor about all the stuff I have been feeling.  I just want to hear and know everything is ok. πŸ™‚
Anything Else? The move is 8 days away!  Packing is in full swing. Boxes are filling up the spare room here at the house and the house is slowly looking more empty.  Next week is our last picture in this house.  Crazy how fast the past 2 years have gone in this house, especially with knowing how slow the getting pregnant process was.  We are excited for the next step of our journey, but it is amazing to look back on it thus far and see how far we have come and how this house is where we have done a lot of that growing.


How far along? 16 Weeks!
Total Weight Gain: 5lbd 
Maternity Clothes? Same pants and looser shirts
Stretch Marks? no
Sleep: using a body pillow instead of two regular pillows has actually helped. I roll less, need to wake up less to roll, and stay on my side better.  I am glad I found something I have been sleeping much better with the body pillow.  Now having to get up the bathroom more as I am pushing more fluids is another story….. πŸ˜‰  I got a pregnancy wedge from Abby Smith so we shall see how this goes.
Best Moment this Week: This was a good week!  On Saturday: Watching Kolton come second in the entire state for individual wrestling.  You want to see a balling sister, make her pregnant and watching a live stream on the computer when it suddenly goes out in the third period!  It came back on and he did great!  So proud of him!  Also,  Hearing the heartbeat!  I love hearing our little one in there growing and knowing everything is going to be ok.
Miss Anything? Apparently being able to stay at work and dance with my kids like I used to be able to do. We had a school dance on Friday and when I got home I was so sore!  I was actually a little worried because I had so much muscle pain and a cramp going down my left thigh.  The pain was still there Saturday so I called on my trusty nurse (and mom) friends and asked what they thought. They suggested pushing water and rest since there was no redness or swelling indicating a clot.  So Saturday I pushed water and rested and felt much better on Sunday.  It was scary.  I miss doing things without being terrified I am affecting the little life inside me.
Movement: not yet.  Really excited-hoping soon!
Food Craving? I didn’t crave, but really wanted a BLT from Subway.  I had it all planned out I would get it on Wednesday while Alex was at work, but then I realized it was Ash Wednesday and I couldn’t have meat.  THEN I really wanted it, but I did restrain myself.  Thursday I ate my footlong BLT.  No, I do not have a problem with eating a footlong sub.
Anything making you queasy or sick? not really, though if the kids could just use tissues and stop making the gross phlegm noises that would be great!
Have you started to show yet? a little more each day!  I love seeing my belly grow! It is the best sign that everything is alright and that baby is growing strong!
Bellybutton in or out? It is in, but the middle is going more out.
Gender Prediction: Based on the baby being on my right and the heart rate being 147BPM, I am leaning towards boy, but we shall see in 4 weeks!
Wedding Rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time? Like I said, when the internet cut out for Kolton’s match I was so upset!  Alex wanted to know why on Earth I was crying over nothing we could fix.  I just kept blubbering, “I’m missing it!  I’m missing it!”  Also, moving is stressful, this week was stressful, and I just feel helpless when it comes to the move.  I also had a melt down on Wednesday. I was working on computer things, cleaning/packing the basement, and trying to focus on the move and school and everything and I just had an emotional mess.  I called my mom sobbing, I called Alex at Walgreens sobbing.  I did tell everyone that I was fine and my brain knows that everything was fine, but my emotions wouldn’t let me stop.  Other than that pretty good…..haha
Looking forward to: Moving to the new house!  I cannot wait to start out the nursery,start our new home, and start the next chapter of our lives!  This is the last picture in this house!  We close tomorrow!!!  Also, we are excited to find out the gender of our little one! Our next appointment has the ultrasound so we are super excited to get it written down and then discovering the gender at the gender reveal/ house warming part we are having in April.
Anything Else? I plan on posting the new house when we get in there.  I may do some before and after shots and show the place.  We shall see what the week brings.


How far along? 17 weeks
Total Weight Gain: 5 lbs
Maternity Clothes? Still wearing my maternity jeans and work pants and leggings, but only certain leggings work now.  Shirts are still pretty good, though some of the tighter or less stretchy ones are slowly being put into boxes.
Stretch Marks? not yet
Sleep: Getting better, but with the move, I hit the pillow and then the morning alarm is waking me up.  Hopefully a normal bed time will help me resume normal sleep….only better.
Best Moment this Week: Moving in, seeing the nursery, touching up the nursery, and accidentally buying the crib!  Alex and I went to buy the stuff we needed for the house and happened to walk by the baby section of Shopko.  We walked past the exact crib style I wanted, and upon walking up to it, it was on CLEARANCE…for under $100! yay new crib!
Miss Anything? Energy
Movement: Maybe!  I leaned on the counter on Friday to put my mascara and I felt something funny on the exact spot the doctor heard the strongest heartbeat.  Then, a couple times when going to bed I felt a little flutter…. sometimes my stomach twitches when I am tired and I have been the MOST tired I have EVER felt this week so it could be that, but I am optimistic!
Food Craving? I’ve “needed” noodles whole grain tuscan linguine twice this week.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Doing pretty good.  I was pretty sick this morning so I had to go visit the office and ask if they had any mints hiding. Thank goodness they did, that and 3 breakfasts and I felt a little better!
Have you started to show yet? yes.  In looking at pictures this bump looks different than a couple weeks ago, so I think it is a real bump!
Bellybutton in or out? Still in but it is starting to look different, which is making Alex laugh at me.
Gender Prediction: I am leaning on boy still. I feel a lot of pressure pretty low, baby was on the right and heartbeat was 147 so I am still leaning that way. We find out in 3 weeks 2 days!
Wedding Rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time? This week was rough. I am so tired and I am just hitting a point I do not have control of my emotions.  I have cried, yelled, and cried, and yelled.  Doing better as the week is winding down though!
Looking forward to: Gender Reveal, settling into this house and making it our HOME.


How far along? 18 weeks
Total Weight Gain: I only weigh myself at the doctor…it was 5 lbs at week 16
Maternity Clothes? Not shirts yet, but we are getting close!
Stretch Marks? nope
Sleep: been pretty good.  I have been sleeping with a pillow under my head, in my arms, and between my legs.  I then have the pregnancy wedge behind me to keep me from tipping over and if I do tip over my back is angled.  Not as great as it used to be, but probably as good as it is going to get!
Best Moment this Week: feeling what I am 99% sure is movement!  It is so crazy to FEEL the life inside me.
Miss Anything? Not really, doing pretty good this week!
Movement: I am pretty sure!  I have had the same feeling in the same area of my abdomen on both sides so I am thinking it is the real deal!
Food Craving? Nothing this week.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Mornings.  I for some reason, get nauseous every day at 8:15 this week, which is rough because that is morning circle in 4k.  Try singing the morning song when all you want to do is clamp your mouth shut!  ugh!  It goes away quickly and with water and granola so far though, which is nice.
Have you started to show yet? yes
Bellybutton in or out? it is still an innie, but getting closer to outie every week!
Gender Prediction: now I am back on the 50/50 train! We shall see in 2 weeks from Saturday!
Wedding Rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time? This week was much better. I did very well…except when I went to get a second cart at Menards and came back to find Alex gone (he went to find peg board while I was gone).  I welled up in tears ridiculously as I sat with my empty cart and no purse or phone looking like a dork til he came back.
Looking forward to: felling more movement and stronger movements.  I cannot wait to see the ultra sound in a week and a half!
Anything Else? The move has gone well and has pretty much wrapped up.  It is looking good!  Pictures are about ready to be posted, keep an eye out!


How far along? 19 weeks
I had a severe cold this week and I just let it go because I never had a fever or anything that sparked calling the doctor, but I was coughing up a lung.  Thursday morning I woke up and cold was MUCH better but I had what felt like a side ache. It lasted about 4 hours so I called the Doctor and told them I was 19 weeks and I’m sure the pain was stretching and the cold/coughing but wanted to check in.

The nurse took some notes and consulted with the Dr. and the decided they wanted me to come in for an ultrasound and to check my cervix is long enough and closed. I found a sub for after school care, called Alex from at work and asked him to get out a little earlier and if we could drive together, he asked my mom to pick up our dogs and feed and let them out, then we hurried to the doctor in Neenah, and it became hurry up and wait. We waited an hour and a half for an ultrasound.  My cervix is 1/2 an inch longer than they need to see so I was safe there and my cervix is completely closed. Turns out I was right it was just the coughing and stretching but doctor said he was still glad he checked. I was the third person he had seen that day for the same thing.  I am also on a Z-pac to make sure the cough is not bacterial and playing it safe.
Total Weight Gain: 6.5 lbs
Maternity Clothes? starting to wear shirts now, but can still fit into some looser clothing
Stretch Marks? no
Sleep: doing pretty good actually.  My cold made it rough, but I survived.
Best Moment this Week: Seeing baby on the ultra sound and seeing Alex’s face when he felt baby for the first time. Brings me to tears thinking about Alex’s reaction….every time.
Miss Anything? doing pretty good
Movement: Yes!  Alex loved feeling it too!  Still tiny little taps, but we are enjoying it so much!
Food Craving? no
Anything making you queasy or sick? no
Have you started to show yet? yes
Bellybutton in or out? moving its way out, but still tucked in for now.
Gender Prediction: Gender predictors say girl, wives tales say both boy and girl but more towards boy, and my gut says boy.  We shall see next weekend!
Wedding Rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time? I was very upset driving to the Dr. even though I had a feeling everything was fine, I would go through these waves of panic, then be fine, and panic again.  I do find myself feeling sappier and crying at things like the ultrasound, Alex’s emotions to the pregnancy, and just being with my husband in general.
Looking forward to: The next ultrasound on Monday, getting more pictures, and having the gender party with our friends and family next weekend.  I am just so in love with this man in my life and the baby in my belly I just cannot wait for this whole experience to continue.


How far along?  20 Weeks, half way!
Total Weight Gain: 9 lbs (3 since last Thursday’s weigh in)
Maternity Clothes? yes, moving into them in all areas
Stretch Marks? not yet
Sleep: Actually doing pretty good, thank goodness.
Best Moment this Week: Seeing our baby, 4D ultrasounds are amazing!!!  I think it looks like Alex!
Miss Anything? not really
Movement: yes, and growing stronger.  I actually even saw
Food Craving? none really
Anything making you queasy or sick? doing pretty good but some mornings are sketchy after the vitamin… I just eat more then.
Have you started to show yet? yes!  Actually I popped Monday morning but Alex didn’t see me leave for work.  When he showed up just a tad late for our ultrasound, I was already on the table (they were only checking ovaries, they promised only me-no baby parts until he got there). He walked in and actually second guessed himself and thought he walked in the wrong room because my belly had grown that much!  It still sticks out when I lay on my back.  I am so happy to see my beautiful baby is growing more and more every day that I am so excited about this belly!
Bellybutton in or out? In, but on its way out!
Gender Prediction: I honestly will be surprised either way as I keep getting gut feelings both ways.  That being said, If I see pink this weekend, it would surprise me more than if I see blue!
Wedding Rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time? I feel this week makes it rough to answer, but I was happy most of it besides the day-long bought of tears on Tuesday.
Looking forward to: THE GENDER REVEAL IN 2 DAYS!  I can wait to find out if we arehaving a son or a daughter! It has been a very emotional week this week!  Feeling our baby move and seeing our baby on the ultra sound was amazing.  We loved every minute of movement, and picture of every body part that was all measuring correctly and there.  We could not believe how awesome the experience was

We went to see the Dr. post ultrasound.  He reiterated that things were measuring well, the only “interesting thing” he found was a spot on our babies heart that was showing up as bright as bone when looking at the films.  After researching it it is really called: “Echogenic intraventricular focus (EIF) β€” a bright spot on the baby’s heart, which could come from calcium deposits.”  Ok a spot on the heart, we can deal with that since all 4 ventricles were there and all else appeared well. Then, he continued to give us more information.

These spots are a soft indicator for downs syndrome.  “A soft marker is β€œsoft” because it’s simply not a very reliable indicator of Down syndrome.”  “These markers are not problems in and of themselves: They’ve just been shown to turn up more often in fetuses with Down syndrome. But false positives are extremely common, and markers will be found in a whopping 11 percent babies who don’t have Down syndrome.”  Hearing these numbers are both terrifying and a relief.  Our baby has a mark on it’s heart that could mean downs but it also could be absolutely nothing.

They have this AWESOME new test that is apparently a new wave of prenatal medicine. With a simple run-of-the-mill blood draw in the normal crook of your arm, they can separate the mother’s DNA from the babies!  HOW COOL IS THAT!?!?  The procedure, according to my doctor, is on its way to replacing amniocentesis (thank goodness!)  They did the blood draw and have results in about a week.  We will know in about a week if our baby has downs or not.

The thing is, absolutely no matter what, we were going to love this baby.  Absolutely no matter what, we were going to be ecstatic for his/her entry into the world.  We were going to be the best parents we could be no matter what, but it was still so overwhelmingly scary. The unknown.  We thought not knowing the gender was hard, wow- this was a tough one.  We knew God would not give us more than we could handle and if He decided we were chosen for a journey with a child that happened to have downs, we would do the best we could to be great at it, but that doesn’t take the fear away.

Going to work on Tuesday was rough.  I was crying on my way to work, I was crying at work, I was crying every time I had to tell someone (simply because my tear stained eyes wouldn’t go away so I had to explain myself).  By the time people knew, more prayers were given, confirmation that all would be ok regardless, and I had time to tell my story, take some deep breaths and still feel the kicks growing stronger in my belly, I was fine.  I have been fine since.  All is going to be fine.  I don’t know what it entails and I won’t until the blood test results come in, but regardless, things are going to be fine.

So now that I have made it through the research, the tears, the happiness, and the love of my husband and unborn child, I am on the exciting journey of cleaning my house to prep for the gender reveal this weekend.  OUR babies gender reveal.  The excitement brings me to a whole new level of tears!

(my info on soft indicators was found here)

Gender reveal:


How far along? 21 weeks
Total Weight Gain: 9lbs
Maternity Clothes? Yes, mostly all now.  Still wearing some bigger sweaters because I refuse to buy winter maternity clothes because I’m not supposed to be pregnant in the winter πŸ˜‰
Stretch Marks? no
Sleep: Still been doing pretty well.  Wake up a little more with being on my back which is starting to be painful (but probably good so I dont stay there to long).
Best Moment this Week:  Seeing our little somebody is a BOY. We are going to have a son!  It is amazing to keep saying it.
We did get to do some shopping for Nolan which made boy so much more real.  Let’s just say–This girl is crazy about a sharp dressed little man!  (haha, now the song is stuck in your head)
We also got amazing news on Tuesday.  Our tests are in and they are negative.  This means Nolan’s DNA shows no chromosomal abnormalities (including Down Syndrome). We are so happy that our little boy will be healthy. There are no words for the relief the two of us are feeling!
Miss Anything? Being able to pluck my eyebrows.   I cant reach the mirror anymore.  I am going to have to purchase a mirror for the back of our bathroom door so I can get closer….
Movement: Yes!  At the reveal, I felt my stomach get really hard and as I put my hand on it, I felt a butt or head roll across/fill my hand and then slide away!  It was so amazing.  I feel quite a bit of movement all through out the day….and it’s getting stronger.
Food Craving? no
Anything making you queasy or sick? Sunday morning, Alex and I were walking the dogs to my parents for breakfast.  We let the dogs off their leashes at the end of their driveway so they could run up to the house.  They decided to stop in the middle of the yard and eat something.  I dont know what it was, but I know it was most likely something dead that had been there all winter.   I got so nauseous I threw up the second I got in the door, then again down the hall.  Don’t worry, I felt completely fine afterwards and ate 2 Eggs Benedict.  
Have you started to show yet? Yes, but I do have people say I am tiny and not even showing at all, until I turn….from the side I have a bump.  It is getting bigger daily though!  My little 4 year old friend made sure to remind me when he stated, “Whoa, Mrs. Gloudemans, I see your baby is growing big!”  At least he specified it was the baby!
Bellybutton in or out? Inching it’s way out!
Gender Prediction: No more predicting….IT’S A BOY!  Nolan Alex Gloudemans
Wedding Rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy
Looking forward to: Enjoying the movement, the day dreaming about our little boy, and maybe a little shopping….
Also, we are looking forward to our doctor’s appointment on Tuesday to hear that everything is ok and just double check that information!
Labor Signs? no, but Braxton hicks maybe?  A cousin did say she started getting braxton hicks that started at 24 weeks and went through to she delivered….she said the doctor just told her to drink more water, when you are hydrated they are better.  I KNOW I don’t drink enough water so that is very likely.  I will definitely mention it to the doctor, and drink a lot more water.
Anything Else? The name.  We are so proud of the name we chose for our son.  Nolan was my grandfather Nolen Chew Sr, my uncle Nolen Chew, and my aunt NoLynn Chew.  We are so proud to pass on the family name.  Alex is obviously after Alex…it is a family tradition for the Gloudemans to name their first born son after their dad.  We are so happy to be welcoming our wonderful, adorable, son, Nolan Alex Gloudemans in August!


How far along? 22 weeks
Total Weight Gain: 12 lbs
Maternity Clothes? yes.  With the recent snow, I am back to my bigger sweaters.  I do NOT want to be pregnant in the winter!  
Stretch Marks? not yet
Sleep: Actually doing pretty well.  Finally got all the pillows figured out and all ready to go, unfortunately, Alex cannot say the same.  I have figured out how to make sure I am comfortable, not both of us….I’ll keep trying!
Best Moment this Week: Beginning spring break today (Alex is off too!)  We slept in, went to Lambeau, ate at Curley’s, and watched movies! Great start to break!
So proud of Alex who was promoted to Walgreens pharmacy manager this week!  He is enjoying the change.  We are so proud of him for all he has gotten done in only 9 months of having his license!
Miss Anything? not really, thought wine at the wedding would have been nice.  
Movement: like crazy!  I am starting to be able to predict when Nolan will kick.  He can also be prevoked….like the doctor running the doppler over my belly. He kicked it, swam away, and when the doctor found him he kicked it again!  Little stinker!
Food Craving? opposite, not really wanting anything.  Basically in the make myself eat at meal times and whatever the meal that day is I make myself eat.
Anything making you queasy or sick? not really
Bellybutton in or out? in, but moving out
Wedding Rings on or off? on
Looking forward to: The rest of our babymoon/spring break.  We are going to Door County, celebrating Easter, and a Brewer Game on Monday.  We are really enjoying our time together.


How far along? 23 weeks
Total Weight Gain: 12 lbs at the appointment, 3 weeks ago now
Maternity Clothes? yes
Stretch Marks? no
Sleep: been actually sleeping really well. It is slowly getting tougher to roll and get comfortable. It is my back that bothers me the most.
Best Moment this Week: We had an amazing week.  We really enjoyed our small vacation together.  Friday, we left for Door County. We did some shopping and stayed the night.  We found a nice little hotel that had a fire place to sit by.  It was wonderful to spend the time together, talking exploring, and seeing Nolan move for the first time.  Saturday we went exploring more in Door County and through the state park.  We visited an old light house, visited a nature preserve, climbed the 75 foot tower, and ate some delicious custard. Saturday night, we went out to Half Empty with some friends.  Not going to lie, it is kinda fun getting carded when you are almost 27 and 6 months pregnant! Sunday was Easter in which we enjoyed the time our families. Monday finished painting the nursery, and then we went to a Brewer game.  It really was an amazing week, we enjoyed so very many moments that we will truly have for a long time.
Miss Anything? wine tasting….that was hard not to be able to do on our trip!
Movement: lots!  We have now seen it, it is getting regular and stronger, AND he had the hiccups!  It was crazy that it really felt like hiccups and if kinda felt bad for him, like you would for anybody stuck with the hiccups!
Food Craving? none really
Anything making you queasy or sick? phlegm still bad.  
Bellybutton in or out? starting to poke out, but not inside out yet.
Wedding Rings on or off? still on
Happy or Moody most of the time? Very happy this week!  We enjoyed so many moments! I was sad when Alex went back to work on Tuesday because the amazing week is over.
Looking forward to: This whole pregnancy to continue to go so well.  I cannot wait to enjoy the next weeks feeling our son and knowing he is getting stronger and growing bigger.


How far along? 24 Weeks 
Total Weight Gain: +14ish
Maternity Clothes? I can still fit into most of my clothes, but they are not necessarily the best fit.  I should be wearing a little more maternity clothes, but I hate paying for them.  I am hoping to find some at the rummage sales coming up.
Stretch Marks? no. Now, cellulite, that is another story.
Sleep: doing pretty good, but I do need 3-4 pillows.  Getting out a bed is starting to take a couple swings and a couple grunts to get out.
Best Moment this Week: I laid on the floor and let my kindergarteners feel the baby kick. Their faces were AMAZING.  I loved watching their enthusiasm and eyes light up.  I cant wait for the one little girl in my 4k class who checks my my belly at least 2 times a day with wide, anticipating eyes to feel him kick.  I know it would make her day.  Soon I am sure!
Miss Anything? Bending with out grunting, simply being able to bend at the waist.
Movement: There is a lot of movement, but at times I can’t remember the last time I felt him move so I get nervous.  Because he moves so much at times it is weird when it takes him a little while.  Alex always rolls his eyes, and tells me to just roll on my back and wait.  Then I do, he moves, and all is right with the world.  Alex loves to feel him move, so though he may think I am crazy when I get nervous, I know my moving to my back and waiting in anticipation also makes him smile because then he gets a turn to feel him.  
Food Craving? none really
Anything making you queasy or sick? One little boy in my 4k class who shall remain nameless NEEDS to stop sucking the snot in his head and making a gagging noise rather than coughing or I  WILL throw up on him.  I have not resorted to telling him that the boogers will hurt his brain if he does that and sternly point to the tissue box.  He slumps his shoulders and goes, but not with out gagging me first.  ugh.
Bellybutton in or out? If it is not considered out yet today, it is considered a change from innie to flush with the belly.  It is weird to feel so I find myself running my hand across it randomly through out the day.
Wedding Rings on or off?  on
Happy or Moody most of the time? Mostly happy, but when the sheets did not match up with the quilts (they came to far up on the bed) because Alex always untucks it from the bottom of the bed and I couldn’t bend to fix it, I MAY have thrown a little temper tantrum.  
Looking forward to: As of now, I actually look forward to my doctor appointments.  I like to hear his heartbeat, talk to the doctor and be assured every thing is ok.  I am also looking forward to the city wide rummage sale to get more clothes and feel like his room is pretty much ready.  
Anything Else?  Apparently I am already at the point where at each appointment I have new tests, the appointments are getting closer together, and I am really starting to believe this show is getting on the road!  I have my glucose test in 2 weeks, my rhogam shot 2 weeks after that and holy cow we are third trimester and done with school!


How far along? 25 weeks
Total Weight Gain? +17 but I am sure more, I just don’t weigh myself at home-my scale isn’t  reliable.  Dr. is Tuesday.
Maternity Clothes? Yes, my T-shirts are pretty much stretched now. I made my St. Ed one work for my last field trip today, but I am pretty sure it is even stretchier shirts, maternity shirts, or Alex’s shirts from here on out.
Stretch Marks? nope, but cellulite on my hips 😦
Sleep: Starting to get tough again.  It takes a bit to roll over and pillows are needed under my belly or I wake up with the pulling pain under my sternum.
Best Moment this Week: My little girl that feels my belly every day FINALLY got to feel him move!  She was so excited!  Her eyes are just as I imagined they would be!
Miss Anything? Being more independent.  It is weird having to ask for help with things.
Also, sitting normal.  I have been getting a pain in my right rib lately that is quite painful.  I have to lean to the left to help ease it.  It is now common to see me at the lunch table at work leaning, at while I am driving, and sitting on the couch……
Movement: Lots, all the time.  Loving it!  None has hurt….yet.
Food Craving? No, but I did buy eclairs from Pick N Save today because I remembered loving them and decided I needed them after dinner.  WORTH IT!
Anything making you queasy or sick? I lost my breakfast granola bar between home and the field trip this morning.  We had a field trip to the planetarium today and an empty stomach and prenatal vitamin plus moving starry sky, didn’t go so well.  It felt like the times I drink way to much tequila.  (I actually made that comment to the parent chaperone sitting in front of me and he laughed–and agreed!)
Bellybutton in our out? I think we can say out now!
Wedding Rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time? Pretty happy. The weather today (70* YAY)  I cannot explain the happiness the warm weather brought me.  I loved eating at the patio table, grilling out, and just being outside BAREFOOT!
Looking forward to? Dr. appt on Tuesday. I have finally accumulated a list of questions I would like to ask and I would like to know the answers.  I would also like to hear Nolan again.  I am also looking forward to *hopefully* finding out my glucose test is fine.
Labor Signs? No, but I am getting the occasional braxton hicks still.  Thank goodness they are only one contraction at a time and they are occasional so that the doctor said they are not of concern.  Also, glad they dont hurt!
Anything Else? I have got my craft on and made Nolan’s letters for above his crib (and photo props).  Alex really helped with the process and I cannot tell you how proud that made me!  He did such a good job looking though scrapbook paper, telling me when things were crooked, etc.  I loved  having that time with Alex and how invested he was in making Nolan’s nursery look how HE pictured.  It was a wonderful time between the two of us.
Badger is still eating all of my things, which apparently includes all of the free samples we got when we registered.  “No Badger, I didn’t need the sample wipes, breast milk bags, nursing pads, or the actual registry paperwork or crib directions for that matter.  Oh, and while you are at it, go ahead and chew the corner off of one of his board books and the new scrapbook–in one morning.”  Looks like somebody is back to sleeping in his kennel in the AM.


How far along? 26 weeks
Total Weight Gain? 21 lbs (oops)
Maternity Clothes? yes
Stretch Marks? no
Sleep: getting harder.  Apparently I was moaning in my sleep the other night keeping Alex up.  I feel bad that I am keeping him up and his sleep is also suffering.  I guess it is just practice for the both of us. 
Best Moment this Week: Lots of moments this week!
*Celebrating my FIRST Mother’s day.  Alex bought me the most amazing necklace of mother and child.  I absolutely love it.  The best part? Alex states, “it can hang right by your heart.”  Awwwww I have the best husband.
*Hearing Nolan’s heartbeat beating a strong 146 bpm and finding
out I passed my glucose test!
**Also, ALL MY 4K STUDENTS PASSED THEIR PALS (Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening) assessments! I think I had a very advanced class this year, but I would like to think it had something to do with me.  Either way, I am so very proud of them and all they have learned this year!  Yay Class of 2026 (yes, its true!)
*Found out Alex and I are going to be aunt and uncle to a Chew BOY in October!  Two little boys 6 weeks apart.
Miss Anything? sleeping comfortably and bending comfortably.  Oh, and not waddling down the halls at school.  My darn sciatic nerve!
Movement: Tons of movement in there!  I am just starting to feel those rolls people talk about where some joint on his body goes from one side to the other and you can feel it drag all the way.
Food Craving? No, but hours after finding out I passed my glucose test, mint girl scout cookies in Cool Whip sounded delicious.  So, I ate it-half a roll.  So good.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Doing pretty good now.
Bellybutton in our out? out
Wedding Rings on or off? On, but swelling is starting.  I am hoping to keep them on though!  If not, I will need to buy one of those cheap rings to put on as a wedding ring substitute. There is just something about teaching in a Catholic School pregnant with out one that makes me feel awkward.
Happy or Moody most of the time? Doing pretty good.  I do get crabby over smaller stuff though.
Looking forward to? Being in 3rd trimester.  I know it is going to be tough, but I am so excited to know I am making that far, giving him a safe place to grow for this long, and making it closer and closer to the due date knowing it makes him have the best odds as possible.
Anything Else? I have been having quite a bit of pain with my sciatic nerve.  It is sometimes to the point, that I can’t use my left leg.  The problem, my left leg is the opposite side of Nolan likes to hang out in.  I have little to no torso because of my scoliosis, so he is in my rib and hip…at the same time.  To relieve pain in my rib, I need to lean left, to lean left hurts my butt/leg/sciatica.  I basically just hobble around.  I know all these are common pregnancy symptoms, it just makes me nervous because I still have a whole trimester to go!  I hope and pray for strength to keep being strong and keep him in there.  The plus side, I have 4 weeks of school to go so I can relax and hopefully rest and stay strong.


How far along? 27 Weeks, yay third trimester!  It has gone so fast!
Total Weight Gain? +21lbs at the doctor 
Maternity Clothes? yes! pjs now consist of Alex’s shirts.  
Stretch Marks? not yet.  Not a fan of cellulite though.  Anyone have home remedies that are safe to use while pregnant?  
Sleep: getting tougher, but still getting a decent amount.  Alex is so awesome always getting up to take care of the dogs so I can get more sleep in.  Also, as I fall onto my back in the middle of the night, Alex will push me back onto my side and shove the pregnancy wedge behind me to keep me on my back.  He is so amazing.
Best Moment this Week: I got some AWESOME rummage sale finds including Nolan’s first Halloween, Thanksgiving, and one of his Christmas outfits.  He is going to be one sharp dressed man!
Miss Anything? Walking normal.  I really wish my nerve didnt hurt so much.  Setting up to borrow a belly belt to see if that helps.  If that doesn’t, I am going to call my doctor to see how he feels about me going to the chiropractor.  I know chiropractors work on pregnant women all the time, but I just want to be sure my doctor is ok with it in my specific case.
Movement: He is a lean, mean, moving machine!  He specifically moves on my right.  He has been kicking my right side, my actual side, for a few days now.  He is balled up behind my right rib pushing it outwards (so it feels).  
Food Craving? I decided popcorn and M&Ms were for dinner on Wednesday.  They were delicious.  
Anything making you queasy or sick? Well, the dog vomit didn’t go very well, but I was the only one home and it needed to be cleaned.  I did pretty good considering…..
Bellybutton in our out? out.  Tuesday, it was yellow. Why, I have no idea.  Wednesday it was normal.  Really strange right?!?
Wedding Rings on or off? On, but now that it is FINALLY warming up, I am swelling a little bit.  I can still get the rings on and off, but I am hoping swelling doesn’t get much worse because I really dont want to have to take them off!
Happy or Moody most of the time? I have been happy most of the time.  
Looking forward to? Third Trimester.  I love my job I really, really do, but third trimester means summer vacation and I am ready.  I am excited for my shower, for my body growing, for baby growing, and eventually meeting him!
Labor Signs? Braxton hicks (or what I think is Braxton hicks–so my “stomach tightening”) is getting more frequent.  It is doing better now that I am doing better at hydrating myself, but after the City Wide Rummage Sale, I was getting concerned.  I didn’t drink a lot because there wasn’t a lot of bathroom access, but then I got the tightening.  So I started drinking more water, and then I had to go to the bathroom and when I have to go to the bathroom it tightens again.  Doomed if I do, doomed if I don’t….but hydrated is still probably best and like I said since I have been drinking more I have been having less.


How far along? 28 Weeks
Total Weight Gain? +21 at Dr. appt
Maternity Clothes? Yes!  and I SCORED some awesome second hand ones from a high school friend.  I am loving my new wardrobe!  It is so much more comfortable and puts me at ease knowing my clothes actually fit and look good on me.
Stretch Marks? no
Sleep: I have become narcoleptic.  I fall asleep on the couch, I go to bed early, and wake up late.  I have been exhausted, BUT other than my trips to the bathroom,  have been sleeping like a champ.  I asked Alex for advice thinking he had some quick food ideas of vitamin ideas I could try quick at school.  His answer, not what I expected, thought it did give me a good laugh!
Best Moment this Week: Literally playing with Nolan.  On Saturday, I was outside reading.  I was dog-sitting for a friend, and their dog was MUCH happier outside so outside is where we all went (me and the 3 dogs).  I was happily reading  and I set my book on my stomach to check on the dogs.  When my book started moving!  I know babies kick to the feel of something infringing upon their space so I lifted the book up-revealing sunlight.  He kicked that.  Hmmmm, I had just read they are beginning to see light and such at this point so I put the book over me-not touching, but making a shadow.  He kicked the shadow. Then I lifted it for sun, he kicked again!  I played peek-a-boo with him!  Of course he stopped before I could catch it on film.
Miss Anything? jogging or getting anywhere fast.  My sciatic is doing pretty good as long as I keep a steady paced, sure footed, walk.  If I have to jog, I move to unevenly, have to brace myself for a blow on the legs or sudden dart across the sidewalk by Badger, it hurts.  
Movement: TONS–and the times are getting predictable.  He likes to move after school (when I sit for the first time most days), and 9:30/10 when I am laying down.
Food Craving? I got the snow-biz I have been wanting for 2 years.  Alex promised me when we moved back to Wisconsin and it was down the road we could go.  Well the whole time we lived in Kimberly (5 months short of the 2 years), we NEVER went.  We were driving by on our way to Monday dinner and I put my foot down and said I didn’t care what was for dessert at his parents, I was getting snow-biz on the way home (and still eating their dessert of course).  MMMMMM that Tiger’s Blood was everything I dreamed it to be (and the lemon marang pie and scotcharoo with M&Ms I ended up eating for dessert because I couldn’t pick between the two was delicious, too)
Anything making you queasy or sick? no
Bellybutton in our out? out
Wedding Rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time? Getting a little more emotional and more easily set off than before.  Sorry, everyone!
Looking forward to? Doctor’s Appointment on Tuesday (rhogamm shot), Graduation onTuesday as well, Dress Fitting for Amy’s Wedding on Wednesday, last day of 4k Thursday, Last day of school Friday!  Crazy busy week!
Labor Signs? Those braxton hicks are getting frequent but I can almost directly correlate them to needing to drink more water or needing to go to the bathroom… I get one I drink more water, I get one I have to go to the bathroom, I get one I drink more water, I get one I have to go to the bathroom…..


How far along? 29 Weeks
Total Weight Gain?
Maternity Clothes? 
Stretch Marks?
Good.  I just have to remember to push the fluids earlier in the day or I am up all.night.long.  Also, hospital beds suck (see the long story below)
Best Moment this Week: 
Nolan having a strong heartbeat througheverything we went through.
Maternity photos.  EllieFay Photography & Design did AMAZING!  We have 10 preview photos and I love them all!  I cant wait to see all of them!
Miss Anything? Not worrying about every single thing that happens.
 He never stops. I don’t get a lot of actual kicks so it doesn’t hurt, but he does move a lot.  I almost get sea sick he moves so much.  I love it.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
Food Craving?
Anything making you queasy or sick?
Bellybutton in our out? out
Wedding Rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time? 
 I was very moody this week.  Understandably so, see below.
Looking forward to?
 Relaxing on my modified rest.  I am officially on summer vacation and I am supposed to rest so that is what I am going to do.  My baby shower is next weekend so I plan on resting up so that I can make it to that!
Labor Signs? 
Yes, unfortunately.  Read below for the long drawn out story of my crazy week.
Anything Else?
Tuesday was graduation day.  I had prepped for graduation for 3 weeks.  I love graduation.  I love hearing them sing, I love showing them off to their own parents, I love thanking the parents for a great year, and I love the closure it brings to the school year.
Tuesday was also my doctor’s appointment-a normal 15 minute doctor’s appointment.  So Alex picked me up from school and I grabbed my cell phone and my water bottle and left.  At the appointment it started normal.  They weighed me, took blood pressure, and then asked if anything new has been happening.  I mentioned that I had been having what I thought was braxton hicks and wasn’t sure if that was normal or not (or if I was even right).  The nurse said she would tell doctor.  Doctor came in with a monitor to look to see if anything was registering.  They hooked me up to the machine and it revealed I was not only having contractions, I was having them every 3-5 minutes.  He checked my cervix and there was NO dialation.  They did a fetal fibromectin test.  This is apparently a protein that is released withing 2 weeks of labor.  They also did a Strep B test in case I went into labor.  They then decided I was going to have to go to Theda Care Hospital in Neenah (half an hour away) because they have a NICU and the hospital my clinic is located in did not.  They wanted me by a NICU if worse came to worse.
I broke down and cried and cried.  I was going to miss graduation.  I was devastated.  The nurse came in to take me to get my blood work done (before my Rhogamm shot because I am O- to make sure I wasn’t exposed to any antibodies).  They saw how upset I was and had the lab tech come to me rather than me go there and not have to walk through the waiting room crying.  They then gave me my Rhogamm and then sent us on our way to the hospital.  I still couldn’t get over that I was going to miss graduation.  I had been feeling the exact same way for weeks now (pretty sure 2-3 weeks), and I just knew things were fine.  I hated that I was missing graduation for a precaution.
We arrived at the hospital and I was relatively calm.  I went to check in and they checked me in immediately because my doctor had called ahead.  Apparently, when I started crying again, they reassured me that they knew I was missing graduation but all would be ok.  When they called ahead to tell the doctor I was coming they also shared I was crying about graduation.  Poor Donna, my aide had an hour’s notice she was running the whole thing!
When the kind lady brought me to my room, she handed me a gown to change into.  That’s when it hit me, I am in the hospital because something is wrong.  As I am dressing in my gown, I am crying, “I just want to go home”  I repeated it over and over.  Alex just sat there and held me while I cried.  He tucked me in bed, promised he was not going ANYWHERE, and pulled the recliner in the room as close as it could go.
They hooked me up to the machines to monitor my contractions and Nolan’s heartbeat.  They also came in to do an ultra-sound to check cervical length and make sure it wasn’t coning (closed when he checked but opening where babies head was).  Doctor came from our clinic to check on me and my tests.  Fetal Fibromectin came back negative (good news), cervix was closed inside and outside (good news), and contractions were slowing while laying in bed.  He found some bacteria in my urine (bad news).  I was prescribed medication-Procardia- to control the contractions, an antibiotic for the possible UTI, and he said was was staying overnight to continue monitoring.  I just heard all the good news of tests being good and getting meds, why did I have to stay!?!

By the time I had truly missed graduation, I was rather calm, but I just wanted to go home.  They continued to monitor through the night, Alex was a champ and NEVER left my side.  Mark and Katy (Alex’s parents) came and took our dogs for the night.  In the morning, everything checked out so they ok’d me to go home.  I was still to be off of work Thursday (because it was a fully day of school with students all day).  I could go back Friday because it was a half day. 
     Nolan was a champ through it all.  He was very active, playing with the monitors and kicking them, kicking me like crazy and doing some crazy barrel roll.  His heart rate never dipped, he never showed a sign of weakness.  Nolan is doing so wonderful I am so proud of him already! 

     I forgot my first dose of meds on my own because I went to sleep at 9pm and I needed them at 10.  I then had contractions in the morning, so I had to lay low.  I rested all morning and set alarms to take my meds.  It is really helping to just take the meds when the alarm goes off. 
     Thursday morning, I was going to go into school for an hour, sit in a chair, and say goodbye to my 4k students.  Well, I was all ready to go, to show up at 10am like I told my aide, Donna, I would.  I was about 2 miles from home when a woman who was in the left turn only lane decided she needed to be in the left straight lane–my lane.  I was slowing to the yellow light and she was already stopped when she decided to switch lanes…so we were NOT  going fast by any means…but contact was made.  We made it into the bank parking lot, I called Alex then the Police.  I then had to make the dreaded call to work: “I am on my way, I am perfectly fine, I just had a minor, minor, minor car accident.”  I didn’t want them to worry I was late because I had more contraction problems so I had to tell them what was going on.  After exchanging information on the police report, we are ok to go.  I got in the car and continued to go to work.  I decided I had to call my mom and tell her what happened because the 2 miles from home I was was on the road to her work and only 2 blocks from her work.  I didn’t want someone to say something along the lines of they saw me with the cops, etc when they came into the store before I could tell her.  I look at the clock. Great, 15 minutes to say good bye to my students I spent an entire year with!  I got there, I was able to sit, hug, and promise to send them a picture when baby comes IN AUGUST. 

How far along? 30 Weeks– I love love love seeing the 3 in front. We are getting close and closer to a healthy time for Nolan to grace us with his presence.  
Total Weight Gain? +20
Maternity Clothes? yes.
Stretch Marks? no
Sleep: I can’t get enough!  I have no problem sleeping at night, and I wake up at the same time every night to go to the bathroom. I then wake up at 7 to take my meds, and then back to sleep.  Loving that I am on summer break so I can get the rest I crave.
Best Moment this Week: My surprise shower from my coworkers!  It was so incredibly sweet and I appreciate them so very much!  The nursery is really coming together.  I am so fortunate to have the co-workers I do.  They were so incredibly supportive last week and every one of them volunteered to help me finish up my room for summer vacation and put it back together for next year in about 6 weeks.  Seeing the love and support I have in my life is really great.
Miss Anything? Being able to do what I want, when I want.  I don’t have to plan ahead when to pack my meds, where the bathrooms are, how much rest I can get in between, etc.  I was always a very active person and on the go, but now I just have to be more conscious.  I am doing much better at figuring it out though.
Movement: He is still moving quite a bit.  I haven’t felt a painful kick as much as slow pokes that pertrude out of my stomach that I slowly push back and a lot of rolls and swimming. 
Food Craving? Target Cherry Icee.  I was able to wait 2 days for it, but I did get it!
Anything making you queasy or sick? I have been getting nauseous in the morning, but it can be cured with eating.  I just stop what I am doing and go eat and I have been fine.
Bellybutton in our out? out
Wedding Rings on or off? on, but I swell occasionally that I take it off, put in on my necklace, and then put them back on when the swelling subsides.
Happy or Moody most of the time? getting more emotional.  
Looking forward to? My Baby Shower! I cannot wait to celebrate Nolan with my family and friends!
Labor Signs? Still having contractions, but they are much fewer and a further apart.  
Anything Else? I have developed an interesting symptom….I think from my meds.  I started on Tuesday.  You know when you feel you are blushing-your cheeks feel hot and you look in  a mirror and your cheeks are red?  Well, my legs have been blushing!  My shins get hot, I look down, and my legs look sunburned!  It has happened a couple times, so we mentioned it to my doctor.

We also had a Doctor’s appointment today.  Doctor said that I am still having contractions, though they are less frequent.  I asked him if Nolan was measuring ok because people keep telling me I am small for 30 weeks.  Upon checking my cervix he discovered Nolan is SUPER low already, which makes the way I am carrying look small.  He did an ultrasound just to be sure.  The ultrasound had him measuring at 47%, which it can’t get closer to perfect than that.  According to his measurements, he weighs 3 lbs 7 oz.  He is head down pelvis but is facing my right side so not completely locked and loaded, yet.  They are measuring for movement and breathing as well, both of which he passed.  I am still not dilated at all which is great.   I have to go to weekly appointments still and they are going to continue to test my fibronectin to see if labor is close.  I get to find out on Tuesday if I get to stand up in my college friend, Amy’s, wedding in Milwaukee.  I hope he lets me go!  I promise to sit in a chair at the end of the aisle!  I am still not on bedrest, but I am asked to modify my activity and take a lot of rests.  Good thing it is summer break!

How far along? 31 weeks. Yay for making it to 31 weeks!
Total Weight Gain? +24
Maternity Clothes? yes, please!
Stretch Marks? I found 2.  They are on my hip.  I will lotion them like crazy and hope they go away.
Sleep: I have been so tired.  I have been waking up more, but still able to get sleep.  Being on break is really allowing me to get the rest I need (or think I need).
Best Moment this Week: My baby shower!  It was so wonderful to celebrate Nolan coming into this world with family and friends!  We are really  loved seeing everyone and everyone was so generous.  We are so thankful to all of our family and friends who love and support us and helped make the shower happen!
Miss Anything? nothing new….
Movement: I got a little nervous this week when Nolan was not moving like he used to.  He still passed his kick counts, but it just wasn’t as strong or often as it used to be.  It is focused on my right as that is the way he is facing  but every now and then he pushes “back” into my left side.  Dr. says as long as he is passing kick counts we are ok. Since mentioning it to the doctors, I have felt more movement as well, which is a nice relief.
Food Craving? none
Anything making you queasy or sick? 8am.  I take my meds at 7 am (and have been for almost 2 weeks now) and apparently this week 8am brings nausea like crazy.  It wakes me up.  I ran downstairs and ate in time once, didn’t make it and threw my guts one once, and now crackers live on my nightstand…again.
Bellybutton in our out? out
Wedding Rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time? getting more and more emotional.  I am starting to freak out on Alex who has been nothing but amazing for doing things I know are out of his way and greatly appreciated.  I wish I could control it, I feel so bad he is working so hard and I am just mad all the time!
Looking forward to? At this point, each week and I am looking forward to another week.
Labor Signs? Still those pesky contractions–they are getting a little stronger to the point that I notice them now.  I can get pretty uncomfortable, but sitting down and taking a break relieves that.
Anything Else? Doctor says I am still contracting.  We are doing weekly visits and getting fetal fibronectin tests.  So far the cervix is still closed and long, though he is still low.   I am still nervous a lot, I really want to keep him in there, but doctor jokes that with all these tests, Alex and I are just getting quality time together and then he is going to end up being over due!  Next weeks agenda: an ultra sound of the heart (to check on his calcium spot that was still present a couple weeks ago), another feta fibronectin test, and being hooked up to the contraction monitors.  We are just going week by week in what I am allowed to do and participate in.  I have not been put on bed rest, but continue to try and rest as much as I can. Finally, I AM ALLOWED TO GO TO AMY’S WEDDING THIS WEEKEND.  I need to have a chair at the end of the aisle and I have to “avoid all polka’s” but I get to go!

How far along? 32 weeks
Total Weight Gain? +24
Maternity Clothes? Yes, all the time. I needed a button up shirt for my hair at Amy’s wedding…so I borrowed Alex’s! It fit to well for my liking, but was kinda cute too.
Stretch Marks? No new developments
Sleep: doing pretty good, though some nights I need to get up and make a list of things for the next day so I can sleep.

Best Moment this Week: seeing Amy get married–and actually being allowed to be there!  It was really great to celebrate with Amy and see how in love she really is with Kert!
I also enjoyed celebrating our 3 year anniversary.  Alex had to work his usual Wednesday 2-10 so we celebrated by sleeping in, lounging around, and then a romantic lunch at Tanner’s Bar and Grill.  We exchanged our Leather gifts (traditional gift for 3 years) and Alex tells me a little surprise is yet to come in the mail….he spoils me so much!  I love that man so very much!!!
Miss Anything? I want to nest without having to worry about contractions. I want to scrub the counters without getting winded.  I want the peace of mind that I will not go into labor with every move I make.
Movement: still not as strong as it used to be, but still there. Now it is more of the I push his foot out of my sternum and he puts it in a rib. I get him out of a rib and it’s back in my sternum. It’s a game…to him. πŸ˜‰  We had an ultrasound at our appointment this week to check on the heart spot, his growth, and his breathing motions.  It took half an hour because he would.not.stop.moving.  Apparently my mom’s pumpkin cake for breakfast-straight from the pan with a fork-wasn’t the best choice.
Food Craving? I just love food, but hate cooking.
Anything making you queasy or sick? 8am and I are not best friends but the vanilla wafers on the nightstand are helping greatly!!
Bellybutton in our out? Out
Wedding Rings on or off? Still hanging on.
Happy or Moody most of the time? I’ll go with 50/50 this month. πŸ˜‰
Looking forward to?
 Each week I am happy to make it another week.  I look forward to him growing and each doctor appointment telling me we are still hanging in there.
Labor Signs?
 I am still contracting, but they are getting further apart…but each week they are getting stronger and longer.  They are just getting to the point that I am uncomfortable (but not yet in pain) from them.  They don’t typically go unnoticed like they were weeks ago.

Anything Else?  
Doctor Update:
As mentioned, we had an ultrasound this week to check for the spot on his heart.  The spot is still there, but since it did not indicate Downs Syndrome it is not something we are going to worry about.  Dr. says it is not something he is going to worry about and it is not something even our pediatrician will worry about.  It will not affect the functionality of the heart and should cause no problems in his future.  He made some really great faces on his ultrasound as well-and yes, that is his foot by his face.

We also measured that he is working on and developing the breathing motion.  He is making the breathing motion at the correct rate for this point in his development.  His size looks well as well.  He scored an 8/8 on his ultrasound this week.

We were able to measure that I am having contractions and I had my biggest one yet, but only one in the time we were there.  My cervix is still closed, and long so not progressing towards labor yet.  He is VERY low…basically as low as possible.  He is head butting me in the cervix.  How on Earth he is tucked all the way down there but still has his foot by his face is beyond me!

Basically, we got all good news at this appointment.  We have one again next week! 

How far along? 33 weeks
Total Weight Gain? +26
Maternity Clothes? Unless it is my Tuesday to run errands, I am basically in Alex’s shirts and sweatpants/leggings. 
Stretch Marks? Nothing New
Sleep: I keep waking up dying of thirst and having to go to the bathroom at least 3 times if not more now. At least I get to sleep in!  I have been having more and more trouble sleeping, but I think that has to do with the fact that I am also napping from being tired during the night before and then my naps go to long and then I am not tired for the next night.  Vicious circle!
Best Moment this Week: Celebrating Brynn’s bridal shower and bachelorette party.  It was nice to spend time with family and to celebrate her upcoming wedding!  Crazy to think it is coming so fast…that coming fast means he is coming fast!  It is getting really close and real!

We had a good doctor appointment.  Heard the heartbeat…he was sleeping. They decided he needed to be stimulated to make sure he was moving fine….well then he moved for another good 2 hours.  Didn’t anyone ever tell them not to wake a sleeping baby!?! Miss Anything? Moving for more than one day in a row with out needed a day off.  Nolan is super low and I can feel him hitting my cervix.  That means a day of walking now means a day of resting. 
Movement: He moves a great deal.  He takes some days off that always make me nervous, but then I start a kick count and he always passes.  Then there are days where he is moving all day long just head-butting that cervix like it is a game!  He is so low!
Food Craving? none
Anything making you queasy or sick? Dairy products (most not all) taste sour or old to me but it doesn’t seem to bother anyone else. It gags me thinking of sour dairy (I once bit into a very old creme puff and have been traumatized since).  Unfortunately, cucumber salad and sour cream and chive potatoes have been a no no this week.  πŸ˜¦
Bellybutton in our out? Out
Wedding Rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time?
 I find myself getting more and more emotional.  Shows I watch make me cry–especially if someone is crying on the show.  Pudge was a little sick this week and I cried like a baby.  Alex folding baby clothes, made me cry.  Alex kissed me goodbye and I cried.  
Looking forward to?
 Another week!  Dr. says we are really getting safer and safer each week, and each week feels like an accomplishment.  I am looking forward to another week of him maturing, growing, and getting healthier and healthier. 
Labor Signs? 
Contractions and him dropped down super low.  
Anything Else? 
Doctor update: Doctor put me on the monitor  and I had one contraction and once stimulated, Nolan moved tons.  Doctor is still amazed every appointment how low Nolan is.  He asked about my symptoms and when I explain them, he then asks what my physical activity is.  I tell him about my 10 minute walks, and my only going out Tuesdays.  He still suggests I sit with my feet up, but does not put me on bed rest yet.  
     My prescription runs out in a week.  We asked if we should renew that prescription and he said we are going to wait and see how things go off of it, but he is thinking we will be in the clear!  
     We also asked at what point can we head to Appleton Medical Center (the hospital we prefer and is closest to our home) instead of Theda Care (about half and hour away but has a NICU).  He says that  36 weeks is our safe time.  AMC can handle no more premie than 36 weeks.  So we do the math and make the calculations, and we able to go out of the NICU range on July 24–2 days before Brynn’s wedding.  On the plus side, if I would go into labor at Brynn’s wedding not only will be be down the road from the hospital, but we will be far enough to be allowed to go to that hospital.  Then we did more math….that is only 3 freaking weeks!  Holy Crap–its getting real now!

Knowing his due date is only getting closer, we decided it was type to prep.  Alex and I both got into nesting mode.  We filed all the paperwork in our house (and set up a new system for filing in a new filing cabinet), organizing the whole basement, cleaning the whole house, packing our hospital bags, moving thing around in the nursery and more has gotten done.
     I really don’t like cooking.  Well, I don’t mind cooking, I hate cooking for one or having to come up what to cook.  I have been seeing friends saying they are making freezer meals and I got it into my head to suck it up one day and get tons of meals made and I wont have to decide or cook for myself. So I got on pinterest and started actually going to all those sites you pin.  I found Fun with the Sharps-Freezer to Crockpot Recipes.  These recipes looked good, Alex didn’t thing I was making to much for the first try, and IT CAME WITH THE SHOPPING LIST!  It was great not having to sit with all the recipes and figure out how many cans of this and that to buy.  We went shopping and Alex only whined a little bit about shopping (and the cost) πŸ˜‰  We then worked as a team and pounded out 25 bags of recipes.  Alex only complained once about half way through and then slept like a baby that night!  Can’t wait to see how we did!

How far along? 34 weeks
Total Weight Gain? +27
Maternity Clothes? yes, if I get dressed.  Last week’s laundry consisted of 2 pair of sweatpants and 2 tank tops….
Stretch Marks? only on my left thigh.  Apparently they aren’t growing in unison.  Doesn’t surprise me, I have always been crooked….
Sleep: I am up every 1.5 /2 hours to go to the bathroom.  
Best Moment this Week: Celebrating 4th of July at Festivus with the Vanden Heuvel family.  It was nice to see families we havent seen in a while and spending time in a place we love.  
Miss Anything? Moving like normal, getting ready to the school year when others are, not having limits.  
Movement: He is doing a good job moving.  To get him to move a little more, Alex talked to him at the Doctor’s office and he went crazy. He knows his mommy and daddy’s voice, but loves his daddy’s!
Food Craving? none
Anything making you queasy or sick? not this week
Bellybutton in our out? out, way out.
Wedding Rings on or off? Off, they are hanging on my necklace.  I am able to get them on and off, but it is so close I am not risking it.
Happy or Moody most of the time? I have been in quite a bit of pain this week in one of my ribs, so I have been pretty mopey about it.
Looking forward to? Meeting our little one and getting my ribs back!
Labor Signs? At this point, same old, same old.
Anything Else? Doctors Update: Things are basically the same.  I am contracting, but responding to my medication.  When it is gone ( 7 days) we are not refilling because we are close enough.  His head is still super low and my doctor still wants me sitting with my feet up more than anything else.  2 weeks until we are out of NICU range, and I really want to wait until then, but after that, I want.him.out.  He is KILLING my ribs.  There are days I just cry about it.  It is not a severe pain, no where near my appendicitis, kidney infection, or what labor will be like, but it is a constant pain that I can do NOTHING about to make it go away.  No stretches, no position, nothing.  It is like a side ache that you will never be able to get rid of for 6 more weeks.  The thought is exhausting and painful.  We shall see when he decides to grace us with his presence, but honestly I think he will be late now that we were all worried about him coming early.  It is the Gloudemans’ luck….If you are laying cement, it is going to rain. πŸ˜‰

How far along? 35 Weeks!
Total Weight Gain? +30 lbs
Maternity Clothes? Again, if I get dressed.  XL t-shirts are more typical.  I can be the Kool-Aid man easy peasy now.
Stretch Marks? still only on my left lol
Sleep: I am up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom, but that is it.
Best Moment this Week: still has to be hearing his heartbeat and feeling him move.  It is funny to hear his heartbeat pick up and and see him kick the monitors I am put on every week.
Miss Anything? being pain free.  I just wish I was pain free so I could enjoy the miracle….
Movement: it is getting more rolly than kick like, but it still looks like an alien trying to break out at times!
Food Craving? not really
Anything making you queasy or sick? doing pretty well
Bellybutton in our out? out 
Wedding Rings on or off? off
Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy unless I am in pain.  Then I am whiney.  I also have cried a couple times over small things.  I feel crazy.
Looking forward to? Reaching 36 weeks!  Then we can take a nice breath. Next week is crazy wedding prep, school prep, Nolan prep, and wedding week for Brynn!  I am getting my hair dyed, doctor appointment, Badger getting groomed, meeting with one of my long term subs (kindergarten math) and training them up, finishing my classroom set up for fall, nails, rehearsal and wedding!  Here is to hoping it doesn’t put me into labor!
Labor Signs? Nice long contractions, but still mostly painless, and some nice pack cramps to go along with it.
Anything Else? Doctor Update: I took my last pill!!  I have had some contractions, but I am hanging in there.  I can definitely handle them for now and we are SO CLOSE it is crazy to think of.  My NST (non-stress test) is showing less contractions but that was before going off the meds.  Nolan is doing well.  He moves when they make him, naps when he feels like it.

I have been having a very bad pain in my right rib and then going over my shoulder into the same spot in my back.  It is the pain I was talking about last week.  I could not get away no matter how I moved and no matter what I did.  I was in tears a lot.  I am  not sure why, but it finally occurred to me to look up what side the gallbladder causes pain on.  Sure enough it was my right.  I mentioned it to my doctor and he agreed.  It was a little strange because since I decided that Monday night, I ate better on Tuesday and then I didn’t have the pain.  Doctor still sent me in for an ultrasound in the hospital for Wednesday morning.  The tests all came back normal, but I was also on day 2 of watching what I eat.  So as of now, I have not been diagnosed with any gallbladder problems, but if I eat better I don’t get the pain I had.  

How far along? 36 weeks!  We made it out of high risk!
Total Weight Gain? +30lbs
Stretch Marks? Mostly my left, starting to get bits on my right.  Still funny how different my left and my right are!
Sleep: Still getting up every 2 hours to use the bathroom, but other than that I am sleeping pretty well.  I am pretty much sleeping all the time.  I am pretty much narcoleptic. I fell asleep on the couch both days Robin and Megan were visiting.  Alex had the stomach flu the other day and I told him I was sorry I didnt even know.  He told me he got up right after I did every time…apparently I fell asleep before I hit the pillow and he got up….
Best Moment this Week: Seeing Megan and Robin, getting my classroom pretty much done, and making it to 36 weeks!
Miss Anything? working for long periods of time with out hurting or being exhausted.
Movement: Only on his schedule.  Apparently when the doctors are measuring movement he is not in the mood, when I am already having a painful contraction that is a great time to freak out.
Food Craving?  no–though going to a Timer Rattler Game is not the best idea.  Nachos, kettle corn, root beer, and cotton candy….I felt like Templeton from Charlotte’s Web!
Anything making you queasy or sick? no
Bellybutton in our out? out
Wedding Rings on or off? off
Looking forward to? Auntie Brynn & Scott’s wedding.  We think it may be a photo finish to make this wedding…we only need to hang on 2 days!
Labor Signs? I start having contractions in my abdomen and my back.  They are happening every 7-13 minutes and lasting 3-24 minutes, and they are way more intense than they were weeks ago.  I go to bed figuring I need to get as much rest as possible and if I wake up in ain then that is probably when it is time to go to the hospital…I mean if I can sleep through it they cant be real labor right? I then wake up in the morning and feel great….only to repeat the process again by 4pm.
Anything Else? Doctors Update: our stinker decided not to move on the NST (Non-Stress Test) on Tuesday, even after stimulation. I was also measuring small so they were not sure if it was a placental problem causing him not to move or grow. So I was sent off to ultrasound to get a biophysical profile. Turns out he was just lazy and so far in my pelvis you can’t measure part of him. He is 6lbs 1oz. 50.7 percentile. I am 50% effaced and just about 1cm dilated.  We do not need any more NSTs. We are no longer high risk parents, I get to be a normal mom!

We have been checking things off our list of summer events we would like to get done before Nolan makes his appearance. We almost have all of them done!

How far along? 37 Weeks! If we had this little one today, he would not be considered a premie!
Total Weight Gain? +32
Stretch Marks?  Lucky me the right is finally catching up.
Sleep: Other than up every 2 hours to go the bathroom and the turmoil I cause getting in and out of bed, not bad.  I have started having more dreams (that I remember) and they are not good ones.  Apparently, I have a very dark side when I am pregnant…..

Best Moment this Week: We got to be a part of Brynn and Scott’s wedding day!  It was so nice to see all the family and friends and celebrate the sacrament of marriage between my only sister and my new brother. –This now brings my brother total up to 6.  Any time a brother wants to get married and give me a sister I would welcome it!

Miss Anything? A normal dress fitting. Let’s just say things got awkward with this one.  I had to order new fabric and basically build my dress…4 days before the wedding!  Due to a shipping error, the fabric took that long to come in!  Thank goodness it worked!
Movement: Yes, the little bugger likes to move through contractions in a whole body morphing kind of way.
Food Craving? none
Anything making you queasy or sick? no
Bellybutton in our out? Out.  I didn’t think it could go further out, and then it did.
Wedding Rings on or off? off.  I wore my Grandma Chew (Grandpa Nolen’s Wife) dinner ring to the wedding.  
Happy or Moody most of the time? Emotions are definitely taking over this time around!
Looking forward to? Meeting this little guy!
Labor Signs?The first half of this week I was having the same painful contractions in my back wrapping around my front lasting a long time 7-15 minutes apart.  Then I went to the doctor for my weekly appt and I have no progress since last week (1cm and 50%).  And now the contractions have stopped.  Of course because the doctor gave us the go ahead and wants this baby to come as much as we do, that is when contractions stop.  
Anything Else? Alex wants me to stop being selfish and share the parenting (so cute!) Believe me, at this point I am more than willing to start sharing.  Just waiting on little stinker Nolan now!

How far along? 38 weeks
Total Weight Gain? +33
Stretch Marks? yes
Sleep: getting up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom, but sleeping pretty good between those.
Best Moment this Week: hearing Nolan’s strong heartbeat
Miss Anything? moving normally
Movement: He is moving regularly and I think he is finally getting on a schedule.  
Food Craving? Not having cravings, but when grocery shopping I shop like a 5 year old.  I love Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, and Ego waffles for breakfast.  I also MAY HAVE ALLEGEDLY eaten an entire box of instant pudding…by myself….in one sitting….while Alex was in the bathroom.
Anything making you queasy or sick? been doing pretty well.
Bellybutton in our out? out, way out
Wedding Rings on or off? off
Happy or Moody most of the time? moody.  I am very emotional and had a very hard time this week.
Looking forward to? Meeting him!!
Labor Signs? Tuesday I was STILL 1cm 50% effaced.  I was disappointed to say the least.  On Thursday, blog day, I started having some pretty intense pains.  They were pretty constant and pretty painful.  I was pretty uncomfortable.  Alex and I went for a walk and when we got back, they were there for about 4 hours.  We decided to call the Doctor to see what they said about coming in.  The doctor on call told us to wait until I changed me breathing or had trouble talking through the contraction to go in.   We resumed watching tv and toughing out the contractions.  I woke up during the night and tried walking to help things move along.  All I got was less sleep.  Friday I continued feeling ill, achey, contractions and just thought I was in early labor.  Alex called work and told them he would come in, but may need to leave if my labor progressed and it may be time to go to the hospital.  They told him to take the day off and be there with and for me during the day.  My mom and I went shopping to get me walking, Alex and I went walking, and I walked and I walked and we bounced on an exercise ball all night, and then walked some more.  Went to bed as normal on Friday and woke up Saturday….Fine.  I woke up completely fine.  30 hour of discomfort, thinking I was at least making my way to labor, Alex had off of work for days with his weekend off and Monday as a vacation day already. I just had 30 hours of false labor.
Anything Else? False labor is a very difficult thing.  I took it very hard.  First I got all excited I was going to have a baby!  I was so excited to be in pain because it meant my little angel was coming, and soon!  It was hard on my body, but I knew it would be worth it.  Then when Alex got off of work on Friday and then for the next 2 weeks I felt like we were settling down to take care of our baby. I felt like an idiot.  I felt like a failure.  I felt like an idiot.  I was embarrassed that Alex now had to call work back and get his hours back.  I cannot believe I was so wrong.  Then on Sunday, Alex got called into work.  It was nice he got to make up his hours from Friday, but we also knew it probably wasn’t a good idea if I was home alone.  I went over to my moms and spent time with her and the dogs to keep them active and my mind busy.  Keeping my mind busy helped me to cope.  After that, I didn’t really feel happy to still be pregnant, but at least I wasn’t as upset and emotional as I had been days earlier.

How far along? 39 Weeks–Never, in the past 10 weeks, did I think I was going to make it to 39 weeks.  It is totally surreal to be this far along.
Total Weight Gain? +34
Stretch Marks? yes
Sleep: Same as last week: up every 2 hours but ok in between. I am finding myself more tired even when I wake up though.
Best Moment this Week: jumping into the lake in a 90 foot deep section.  I was very nervous that I would sink like Pudge, our puggle.  I grabbed a noodle, took a deep breath, and jumped!  It was quite exhilarating and felt so good on my swollen body.  
Miss Anything? moving normally
Movement: same predictable times–he is very responsive to my touch
Food Craving? Same 5 year old diet.
Anything making you queasy or sick? no
Bellybutton in our out? out, way, way, out.
Wedding Rings on or off? off
Happy or Moody most of the time? Unhappy and uncomfortable until Wednesday.  I was so uncomfortable, and unhappy to be so uncomfortable.
Looking forward to? Meeting him!
Labor Signs? I was still in quite a bit of pain through out the week.  I just assumed this was what the last weeks are like, complete misery.
Anything Else? At the doctor on Tuesday, I was still only 1cm-not quite 2 yet, but I am also 90% effaced.  I also mentioned to the doctor that with the position that Nolan is in I am having a very hard time emptying my bladder so we maybe should check if I have an infection because that is how they are caused.  He tested and sure enough, bladder infection.  Should be an easy fix with an antibiotic.  Problem?  I am allergic to penicillin-the only safe antibiotic in third trimester, except for one.  One that is hard to find, not sold very many places, and one Alex has never seen dispensed in his many years working in a pharmacy.  After he called around, he did find one pack.  We picked it up and it is a powder you mix with 4oz of water and drink.  $60 later, I have this strange antibiotic.  It tastes like very bad citrus.  Apparently I only needed to take that one dose, thank goodness at that price.  I was still pretty miserable on Tuesday and my back was still killing me.  I thought back and realized the pain was where my kidneys are, where I had my pain when I had my kidney infection.  It made me very nervous as the Dr. told me to watch for back pain.  At this point,  I have no idea if my back pain is pregnancy related or kidney related.  At this point I have no idea what is normal.  I called the doctor and they suggested checking my temp 2 times a day and going in for blood work just for a piece of mind.  Blood work was Wednesday morning.  It came back looking normal. The antibiotic has started working so I was feeling much better, which is good because I am not quite sure what our other option would be besides having him and getting an antibiotic that is safe while breastfeeding. Hopefully infection stays away for 11 days (at the most!!)

How far along? 40 weeks
Total Weight Gain? 34 lbs
Maternity Clothes? yes, and popping out of the bottom of them!
Sleep: This week was tough–lots of bouts of insomnia
Best Moment this Week: Hearing the heartbeat, setting up an induction date (knowing the LAST day he would possible be here).
Miss Anything? Easy movement, normal clothes, sleeping through the night.
Movement: He moves at his regular times (7am, 11pm for sure).  Wednesday night he was moving like crazy!
Food Craving? no
Anything making you queasy or sick? no
Wedding Rings on or off? off
Happy or Moody most of the time? pretty moody. Very over being pregnant.
Looking forward to? Meeting Nolan!
Labor Signs? None.  After the weeks of labor signs, this week–the week leading up to 40 weeks, NOTHING.
Anything Else? Dr. Visit:
Our doctor appointment was on Monday this week because he was on vacation the rest of the week.  He checked me and I was still the 1-2 cm, 90% effaced.  I was very disappointed, I was so over feeling like this.  He told us that I would need to come in Thursday (due date) for a Non-Stress Test to make sure he was ok with an associate, a biophysical ultrasound on Monday (with him) to make sure all looked well, and then I was put on a waiting list for induction on Tuesday.  We left feeling defeated, but began accepting he was most likely just coming on the induction date and started making plans accordingly…….little did we know……

Right on his due date, Nolan would make his arrival! See his Birth Story Here.