Ultimate Nesting Checklist

Remember a couple weeks ago when I posted about being a nester by nature? Well, I recently combined that with new year’s resolutions, organizational challenges (@better_as_us), and then the Marie Kondo craze happening at the same time, and my nesting list got long–but pretty thorough that has us feeling pretty confident in our preparedness for baby. This is also our third time around. SO….

To help all you other mamas out, I created an Ultimate “Nesting” Checklist

I have this thing about “eliminating all the allergens” before a baby gets here. This involves me dusting and/or washing all textiles and surfaces to help remove that from the atmosphere. I also like to work smarter not harder so for me this means having a nursing station on 2 floors so I can be sure to be comfortable where I am–same goes for changing stations. We also have siblings so to us that also means getting rid of or isolating small things and training kids (and pets) which items are babies bed/swing/blanket to keep baby safe when it arrives.

To be sure not to leave you high and dry, I have provided some sample photos and links to help you out. These were all done in this pregnancy. I do the bigger/harder stuff in the beginning (MOST is done is second trimester). Sometimes I got a couple things done in one day/weekend, sometimes I did one little thing a week. Don’t want to do that? Don’t think it is important? SKIP IT. This is simply a guide to leave you feeling ready for baby to arrive and like your home is a safe place to do it….and maybe you will have a little less pregnancy insomnia up all night worrying about it! Add something to the list? Tell me about it! I would love to add it for other moms! Tag @stayathomezookeeper and use the hashtag #nestingbeforethezoo



We are starting with the nursery in our room. Changing station: I cleared off my dresser and got a changing pad added (and a wipeable (LOVE LOVE LOVE WIPEABLE) cover that matches our room) and emptied the drawer right under the pad. There is a night light by the changing pad as well. In the drawer: diapers, wipes, Vitamin D drops (we nurse in a not sunny area), diaper cream, and NoseFrida. If we have a boy, coconut oil spray will also be added-we choose circumcisions. The bed is set with no extra blankets, bumpers, positioners or pillows. There is a mobile for attention. Room black out curtains. Sound machine is also present.

The nursing station is in our room as well. We have a glider chair, footrest, boppy pillow, nightstand with water, snacks, nipple cream, breast pads, and my phone cord reaches. There is a pillow for my back if needed and a blanket if I get a chill.

I have a section of Stella’s closet set aside for baby. We plan on baby sharing a room with Stella initially so we have the clothes in there. The “dresser” is the set of cubes and fabric drawers, and that is in Stella’s closet as well.

Each child gets a 16 Qt bin with a lid to keep special items in. (This size helps me keep myself in control). The outfit, blanket, hat, and hospital bracelets go in there. Then their shirts (I always personalize) for each birthday goes in there. I also put the belly stickers from the monthly photos in there until I scrapbook.


We do the baby baths in the bathtub upstairs. We did this same place for the first 2 so we will do that same plan now (plus bath night often is solo parent night so all 3 in the tub it will be!) I have bath toys in a drainable basket on an absorbent mat, the shampoos and bubble baths in the basket on the back of the toilet that is within reach. For the baby, we are using Burt’s Bees. As a newborn, we have a lay down seat we used with the first 2, then as baby is ready to sit we have a suction cup ring. Towel hooks (there are 3 now) are on the wall on the other side….all items are within arms reach of sitting by the tub.


Closets are all cleaned out, items my husband and I no longer wear are donated. Items the kids have outgrown are in bins the basement by size/gender for future babies.


I am {admittedly} a little label crazy–and this especially comes to light in my kitchen. Also, the more labels the more I can get help. I have the fridge, cupboards, and pantry labeled.

The fridge is all cleaned out, but we also have it sorted on the shelves and labeled. Drinks (tallest), Meal Kits-this is for our dinner subscriptions but if you meal plan that would work here too! We sort the meals into ice bins. Then all the dips, salsas, eggs, and dairy. In the drawer is break items (crescent rolls, cinnamon rolls, tortillas, pizza crusts, bread), leftovers/already cooked food, Produce top drawer, and Meats and cheeses (lets face it, in Wisconsin it is whole drawer of cheese). The freezer is also sorted and cleaned. Chocolate and nuts in the door, cream cheeses, ice packs (for food), ice packs (for owies). Then the shelves are breads & potatoes, meat and meal mixes, breakfast and dessert, and fruits and veggies.

There are not a lot of bottles. I nursed Nolan for 12 moths, Stella for 14, and plan on nursing a while with this one. I will have the occasional outing so I do have a variety of types of bottles to try but only one or so of each. If you bottle feed you may need a little more room. The shelf to make 2 levels has really helped with organization. The bottle warmer is on the counter right under the bottle section of the uppers, and the bottle drying rack is right to the right of the sink. Again, since we do not have a large number of bottles, this is perfectly sufficient size wise for us.

Our junk drawer was one of the longest projects. This took quite some time to decide keep or go or relocate, but using an iPad box opened and pencil organizers I think we have a handle on it (until it gets bad again.)

Under the sink can turn into a deep dark place that is a dumping ground. I know ours was. Part of it was we are making the switch to chemical free in many areas and I had stuff I wasn’t going to use anymore just hanging out taking room. I bought a shelf that allowed me to have 2 levels under the sink, donated all the cleaning supplies I wasn’t going to use anymore to my siblings who just moved out and have nothing, and I am left feeling much more refreshed. Read ways to go chemical free/healthier choices, HERE.


I nurse on 2 floors as well as change diapers so I also set up a nursing station downstairs, but that mostly includes the boppy and burp cloths. I will pump downstairs and I have a pumping station set up next to the chair in the basket with easy access to an outlet. We also change diapers down here so in one of the drawers on the sofa table, I have the diapers, wipes, diaper cream downstairs. The diaper pail is in the bathroom next to the toilet (is is there from the kids potty training and still needing wipes). My Apolis bag is also there since that is my take everywhere, blogging essentials bag so I can work from the seat. Honestly, when baby is here, the bouncer sits by the chair so I can bounce with my feet. There are toys behind the chair in the fireplace area of our living room so the kids have a lot to do while I nurse. I can gate the steps and kitchen off to keep them in with me if need be.

We plan on spending a lot of time in here so this room also houses the bouncy seat and the swing. We set it up early so that it is out for a while, and we can tell the kids that it is “baby’s seat” and “baby’s swing” so they can learn to give baby space. I plan on getting the floor mat out for the same reason as well.



Pack your hospital bag! Click HERE for a link to my hospital bag checklist!

I store all I need for the hospital in baby’s bed so I am best able to grab and go when the time comes.

Carseats has been pretty tricky to figure out with Stella needing to rear face still–even at 2.5 she is only 21.5lbs. To be able to get into the car, have all front facing seats have an anchor, have rear facing seats not bump anyone other seat, we finally found an arrangement. Nolan is in the third row-middle (only place with front face anchor). Stella is rear facing behind the driver, baby is rear facing behind the passenger. I will get Nolan and Stella in on passenger side, get in myself, snap baby in base. Buckle Nolan, buckle Stella, pop baby out, get out, pop baby in, and done!

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