The night before the first day of “School”

Tomorrow Nolan goes to his new center based ABA therapy. We are calling it school based on its structure, being out of the home, and the hours paralleling so closely with school hours. I’m dropping my 3 year old baby boy off ALL DAY. I’m scared, I’m sad to say see you later for so long, and I’m beyond excited to see the progress he’s going to make. I am going to miss him home with me, I’m going to miss seeing him work with his therapists, I’m going to miss smiles, giggles, progress. 

But Nolan needs a change. He needs rigor, no escapes he knows so well at home, structure, a school like setting. This is a good thing for Nolan no matter how much my mommy heart is sad. 

Expect many emotions when you see me tomorrow–also pictures. Expect to see a million pictures. 

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