Small Shop Shoutout-Usborne Books & More

On top of staying home and managing the home, Nolan’s therapies, Stella, a pregnancy, and blogging, I am also an Usborne Books & More consultant.ย  I have my own small business that I run following our company guidelines.ย ย 

I love that my job is spreading literacy as well as helping kids find reading fun.ย  When reading is fun and associated with fun memories- reading before bed, a special gift from a loved one, getting better at reading, doing it all by themselves, etc. then the are going to want to do it more.ย  If they do it more they are practicing and practicing makes strong readers.ย  Books make GREAT gifts and I HIGHLY recommend them this holiday season.

By being a small business owner, I am able to create my own specials and deals.ย  ย  Because of this, I am offering a Black Friday.Holiday sale!!ย  The sale is as follows:

Our new book box subscriptions will also be included in this sale! Click the video below to learn more about those!

Fine Print:ย 
*Specials apply to orders $25+ retail sales
*YES you can use with the book box subscriptions!
*You can order online and you will be reimbursed via PayPal Family and friends and I will mail gifts when they arrive (I am ordering them to mail them out). YOU MUST CHOOSE SIRAYA BLACK FRIDAY.HOLIDAY as the e-show to get the specials.
*Books subject to availability on the site, I cannot control inventory.
*Shipping is approximately 1 week right now
*Shipping is flat rate $6 on orders $75 and under RETAIL. 8% of your total after that.

Thank you for your support!

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