Packing-without checking!

7 days, 6 nights.  Mexico. International flight.  A wedding.

Sounds overwhelming.  Sounds tricky to pack for.  Honestly, after packing for my kids this was the easy part.  I managed to pack both my husband and I for the whole trip in a personal item and a carry on.

Pack Mexico

Things I learned/Needed to make it successful:

  1.  Amazon Prime + free returns (I know, late to the party).  I realized I needed something, I ordered, I tried it on/out and sent back what wouldn’t work.  Amazing!
  2. Hard sided, carry on size, 360* wheeled suitcases.IMG_6022
    • Hard sides make sure you stay in the right size/bag doesn’t bulge
    • carry on is 22″ including wheels, we found 21″ including wheels to make sure we fit
    • 360* wheels help you turn to fit down aisles better.
  3. My amazing personal item.  I got the black and white stripe weekender from Stella & Dot.  To maximize my ability to keep packing small, my personal item also had to be my beach bag and fit my purse.
    • carry on approved
    • sides water resistant (this WAS tested on our trip) as this was going to be my beach bag as well
    • expandable to be multi-use afterwards
    • shoulder straps AND crossover straps
    • outside pocket passport size
    • inside pocket for all the little things you need to keep safe and not lose in the bottom of your bag
    • its so cute!
  4. TSA approved liquids bags.
    • These were more sturdy than ziplock bags
    • These were guaranteed to be the right size
    • There was some stretch and maneuverability to MAXIMIZE my liquid allowance.
  5. Passport/Cell phone wallet.  Since I was staying small, I wanted something I could keep out when I was in the airport, tuck in when I was on the plane (in the big inside pocket of my bag), and hold my phone and tip money when on the resort. This was tiny and cute and did all those jobs perfectly.
    • Wrist strap to keep it on hand in the airport when going in and out
    • Fits my phone (iPhone 7 in a case)
    • ID/CC pocketsIMG_1082
  6. Eye Primer & Epic mascara.  Most of my make up was purchased from Mary Kay or Younique.  The high quality make up was amazing. I felt like I would get ready for fancy dinner, go home and sleep, and wake up in the morning and feel put together enough to go to the beach and be in photos.
    • The eye primer (used on my brows and eye lids) prevented creasing, it did not melt off, AND it actually lasted into the next day.
    • The Youniue one step Epic Mascara was quick, easy, and 1 step! It often lasted from dinner into the next day.
  7. Roll your clothes
    • Rolling is key to fit as much as possible.  If there were outfits that went together, roll them together.
    • Iron first roll with no wrinkles best you can
    • make downey wrinkle releaser one of your liquids
  8. Mix & Match/Capsule outfits
    • I packed wedge heels that matched all my dresses and packed the one pair, one pair of flip flops, and one nicer flat sandal.
    • My husband packed gray crock boat shoes, wore brown dress shoes/boat shoes, and 1 pair of sandals.
    • I packed one pair of shorts (black) and then a couple shirts.  1 white cami.  A dress for each dinner. 2 sweaters to match all dresses for cooler air/dinners. 2 swim suit covers. Since it was a wedding we also had a white welcome party (outfit rolled together).
    • My husband packed 2 pairs of dress pants, 1 pair of shorts, solid colored crew necks, and a button up for each dinner.
    • Since it was a wedding we had a couple specific events we had to go to: a white party and the wedding.  If you have specific events you need specific outfits for, roll them together to make sure you have then and all the parts together.
  9. Wear the big stuff
    • Alex wanted a coat for the wedding so he also wore that in the air port.  I was afraid I would get the chills after being in the sun all day so I wore a scarf that could be a shawl (and one of my match everything else sweaters.  We both wore jeans, sweatshirts/sweaters, and our biggest shoes.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 3.05.53 PM

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