iPad Addiction

If you are wondering, yes she is watching a video of kids opening toys, a crazy lady talking about the colors of toys, and Mickey in different languages.

I think we are raising an iPad addict.ย  Full on tantrum and tears when we take it, always asking for it, in a trance while on it.ย  I am not talking about Nolan here, this is Stella–my neuro-typical one.ย It started as a potty reinforcer–kept her busy and kept her there.ย  It then helped while we were helping out Nolan.ย  It was then because she asked so sweetly.ย  I know the holidays usually bring in new and exciting technology as well as more time off to use it….so this may be a tool you need now or in the future.ย ย 

Now I know we need to get it under control.ย  So I created a rewards chart to help Stella EARN her time.ย  I polled a couple parents to get a list of things they would want their kids to do in order to earn their tech time.ย  This is aimed towards younger kids, but I think some things can be adjusted (its a picture, it is open for interpretation).ย ย 

  • Use the potty
  • Feed the Dog
  • Feed the Fish
  • Water the plants
  • Eat (sit while eating)
  • Clean up after eating
  • Play outside
  • Put shoes and Coat on
  • Put shoes and coat away
  • Clean up toys/after self
  • Read/homework
  • No whining
  • Sleep (nap) go to bed (go to sleep) sleep in your own bed
  • Get dressed
  • Take a Bath

I am offering this printable (with directions) as a freebie!ย  Click the box below to download yours!

Do you need a different icon?ย 
Message or comment and I can help!


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