21 weeks

How far along? 21 weeks
Total Weight Gain? 12 lbs
Stretch Marks? no
Sleep: awful.  I keep thinking I hear the kids and then I am up for an hour or so, just to do it again.  Last night we turned up the sound machine and shut our door (while turning the monitor up so if it was the kids I would still hear them) and I slept better until something fell off the wall and startled me awake.
Best Moment this Week: *Seeing baby move and being told that WE ARE NOT HIGH RISK!
* Nolan and Stella holding hands and walking into school!  It was so amazing!
* Nolan getting his iPad and speech assistive apps to begin being able to talk to us!
Miss Anything? Nothing really this week
Movement: A LOT of movement.  Baby is going crazy in there, moving its legs every which way (as seen on the ultrasound).  Baby moves quite a bit on its own but likes music and cold drinks best.
Food Craving? I have really liked nacho cheese.  Alex got me taco johns steak nachos and they were amazing.
Anything making you queasy or sick? baby does not like bacon.
Bellybutton in our out? out
Wedding Rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time? I had a relatively happy week but there are still things that set me into tears much easier than when not pregnant.
Looking forward to? Continued movement, growth, and  baby being here.
Labor Signs? Still some braxton hicks…nothing regular or stronger yet.
Anything Else? * I have had to start my modifications at dance.  This is actually exciting because it means we are getting closer!  I love still getting exercise but in a safe way for me and baby.  (barre workout while pregnant post coming soon)
* Today we took Nolan to get his iPad he was gifted by the Kiwanis club.  We are so lucky to have an organization that has helped us to find a way to give Nolan a voice.  This has been very emotional to me.  If you see any fundraisers in your area for the Kiwanis club, I highly recommend you attend and give other families like ours an opportunity to bond with their child (and make a pregnant mommy cry).

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