Sweet as April Small Shop Shoutout

This company has a very soft spot in my heart. This mom is open, and honest, and makes great products through all of it. I, personally, love the look of bonnets so that is a definite plus! Want to score one? The next release is 12/29. Her drops are kind of madness, but sooo worth it! I also am a part of the buy sell trade page where I got some as well. These are so so cute! This particular bonnet was a part of a collaboration and is going to come to the hospital with us. It is a gender on each side and I am super excited about it!

The best part? She makes all her bonnets from fabric that would otherwise be disposed of because they aren’t “in style” right now. She is saving the world from textile waste and filling out up landfills. The card included in the bonnet packaging says, “About 3/4 of Americans are unaware of the fact we waste almost 11 million tons of textiles EACH YEAR! My goal with this little business is to make my bonnets from pre-loved clothing, vintage material and donated yardage. Doing my part to save the world from textile waste #onebonnetatatime.”

She is also a mom of a son with autism and a daughter with a speech delay. I feel she is my spirit animal. She has a lot going on and every day is NOT easy, but she is open and honest which makes me being a mom feel normal–which lines up with the purpose of this blog exactly. Please support this mama! Go ahead and give her a follow on her Instagram page:Β SweetΒ asΒ April and visit her drop on the 29th!

**I do not get any compensation, I just love this mama and her amazing work!

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