Finding Gender Neutral

Finding gender neutral has been pretty tricky. We tried not getting a gender at first because I didn’t want 2 of everything if I had one of each gender.  (which we did end up having).  We have the basics in gender neutral, but finding some decor and fun stuff that is neutral that makes this babies space (wherever that ends up being) their own has brought its own challenges.    

I found this awesome fabric pile I LOVE.ย  Very much what I am thinking.ย  The more I search and plan, the more I am discovering it is a Bohemian Neutral Natural Nursery.ย  The alphabet cards (from Etsy) will spell the name out hanging on a wooden bead clip set I got on clearance at HobbyLobby.ย  The Fall Sweater Weather garland from GlamBannersย will hang from the crib/bassinet/pack n play.ย  Beatrix Potter has a soft spot in my heart since it was a gift from my dad each year-When I found a neutral room Beatrix potter themed, it became a “nursery goal.” When Grandpa passed away, we got a set of brown birds from his house.ย  they are the brown color and I think it is a perfect little way to honor Grandpa (found out we were pregnant days after he passed) and Grandma (we are due on her birthday).

Find my Natural Neutral Nursery Pinterest board: HERE

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