There are so many aids out there that help children of sensory needs (and those who don’t!)  I have many I love (this post is also up in the tabs above so you can refer back to it).

Stella greatly benefits from many of Nolan’s supports so if your child is struggling with schedule, with cabin fever, loves to cuddle and read, some of these may still be great for you!

Comment/Message with questions or shopping help!

Weighted Blanket
I purchased our off Etsy and the seller is no longer active.  The rule is 1lb of blanket to every 10lbs of kid.  Nolan has a 3lb toddler size blanket.

Bed Sock-from Boston’s Bed Soxz
IMG_5280Helps Nolan sleep by giving him deep pressure all night. Also is a great sensory break when he tunnels in it and back out.  We have one on a crib mattress for travel and a twin for his daily bed.  They are made larger as well.

Picture Schedule
IMG_2424 2I created the picture schedule on my own using for the clip art and Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 4.11.26 PMthen pictures of the locations in which he goes as well. I don’t do super detailed, but where he is that day and if we need to create a first/then chart I can do that on the extra 2 with sticky tack.  Also, he has a schedule every other Saturday so there are 2.  Bedtime is very consistent and when we have sitters we just add times to the schedule (with ultra fine sharpie-can be erased with dry erase). I laminated for this purpose (and longevity)

I can make a picture schedule for you (digital, printed, mailed, laminated for extra)-an invoice would be made from PayPal or Square.

IMG_2816Purchased off of Amazon.  Also purchases ceiling anchors, ropes, and clips.  This swing allows for vestibular pressure, fun, and a cozy place to hang out.  Nolan has loved it greatly, and Stella does too! Very affordable.

IMG_3283We purchased off a discount site (google search, shopping)  I believe it was jet or something, but here is the link to the one we have. We love the size–big but not huge–they can get in without a step.  It fits in our garage in the winter to give them some exercise and vestibular work in the winter as well.


We use ArkTherapeutics chewlery for Nolan. When we first got it, he was not a chewer,IMG_7881he was more of a mouther so we got the soft. Since we got the chewlery, he has been using it appropriately and has become more of a chewer so we have moved up in hardness.  He likes the ones with texture more.  We shorten the strings (push through the clasp on one side, cut, re-knot, pull back into clasp).


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