Linen & Lace Curtains


** As I work on making this blog more effective to the moms seeking it out now, I am moving some of my old posts ( over to the current site.  Some of these posts may be repeats **

I searched and searched for the curtains I wanted for our little Stella’s room. I could not believe how freaking expensive curtains are!  So I went on the quest to make my own!  I love how they turned out and thought I would share how to make them in case you want them cheaper too!

I started with purchasing a drop cloth that was more than large enough to make 2 panels to cover my windows. I also made sure to measure to the floor as that is how long I wanted them.  I bought this drop cloth from Home Depot.

I then cut the drop cloth in half to be the 2 panels. I made it so when they were pulled closed they lay flat across my window.

I then cut them to the right height.  I realized I didnt want them to bunch up so closely by just sewing a gusset so I had to re-cut them shorter as I am going to make tabs for them to hang on.  I hemmed all sides of the two curtain panels.

The tabs were cut from the extra fabric.  I cut them 3 inches wide by 6 inches long (but folded in half they would be 3 across and 3 down when hanging.

I then measured out the tabs so they were evenly spaced (when curtain is pulled tightly closed it covers window flat.

I then pinned the tabs in place on the back side of the curtains and sewed one stitch across the top making sure the open ends of the folded fabric were facing the curtain panel.  I did not saw yet.

I then took some burlap ribbon (purchased at Hobby Lobby in the floral department).

I flipped my curtain panel over so the tabs are on the other side, and pinned the burlap ribbon to the panel, making sure the top edge was flush with the top of the curtain panel.

Now I sewed the burlap ribbon and the tabs on at the same time.

I did a second stitch across the bottom of the burlap ribbon to hold it in place.

I then took the “lace” I bought and centered it on the burlap ribbon.  I pinned this ribbon on top of the burlap and then stitched the ribbon on top and bottom.

I then strung the curtain rod through the curtain tabs and they were done.

My mother-in-law purchased the rose garland from a party store for my bridal party and thought it would be a great fit on top of the curtains.  I simply draped the garland (loop on the ends through rod and then center on the ribbon.

When the curtains are closed, they are spaced on the curtains, when they are opened the flowers remain in place.


I simply LOVE how they turned out.  Rustic, dainty.  Perfect for my little girls room!

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