Plan B, G or maybe even T

img_4445We keep trying everything we can to help Nolan grow into the happiest healthiest little boy we can.  I feel we are reaching into a black hat and reaching around blind, pulling out a new thing to try each time.  We want to hear his voice more than anything.  All the work with the neurologist turned up nothing we can do with the brain.  With that news, we are looking at a new approach.

One thing we just learned about was the Nemechek Prototocol.  This is an approach to “restore neurological function” through balancing bacteria in the gut to help with swelling in the gut and brain.  This appears to be rather new as we couldn’t even find the book used.  We purchased the book and skipped right to the dosages of supplements (inulin, Omega 3 + DHA, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil) so we could order them and then plan on reading the book in it’s entirety.

From what we have gathered through research, we plan on adding the supplements first and hoping that starts the change. We have read that one of the first signs it is working is the willingness to try new foods (children with autism are notoriously particular about food).  We then hope he becomes more flexible as we cut some things out.  (Omega 6 is what we are learning is one of the key things to work to eliminate) That being said, we do plan on doing some changes that are easy.  No more margarine only butter being one of the easiest.  I’ve begun making that change myself.  Also,  no probiotics.  This means in meat, added to milk, etc.

The book is here, the supplements have been ordered and have arrived (Sunday), the support groups are joined, and the journey to this form of healing has begun.  I will be sure to give updates and allow others to know how it is working and help them to see if this is something that would be a good fit for their families. It’s a lot to remember but easy to do. If we get this to work it is so worth it. I’m scared that all the potential I have read about won’t be our case; I am full of anticipation that this really could be what we were looking for. It’s terrifyingly exciting.

I do feel this is the type of Autism Blog posts that can really help families that are looking for new ideas or answers.  Please be sure to share this page with those.  We write this not with us an an expert (by any means), but to be the family that gave them an idea of something to try, another thing to pull out of the hat, a direction to try, some feeling of control.  I know the desperate search to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING that helps my child so I truly hope that we can provide you with a direction to try as well.

To get started you need:
Fish Oil Gummies
Inulin Powder
approved Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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