A space for baby

We have what is considered a 4 bedroom house…with one large room over the garage.  When we bought our home, we were looking for a forever home and assumed a 4 bedroom–especially with the 4th bedroom being that big would be more than big enough for all the children we planned on having. I was 9 weeks pregnant with Nolan when we bought the house.

Nolan has his own room.  Nolan is a deep sleeper but wakes often and is noisy when he wakes. Nolan is not a napper and is not particular about his stuff.  Being the oldest, he would most likely be up latest. He is not particular about his stuff so others can touch it. We aren’t sure if Nolan will wake the baby, if Nolan will become particular about his stuff and stressed out with sharing a room (we don’t want to cause unnecessary stress).

Since moving in, we have been using that big room as a playroom and sensory room for Nolan.  It has a swing, toy kitchen, ball pit, tool set, blocks, dollhouse and more in it. We don’t think this would be a good baby room because Nolan uses this often and at times it’s to go back to sleep at the wee hours in the morning. He also barges in and drums (literally- hits his drum with drum sticks) when he wakes regardless of time. We don’t really want to move Nolan’s room to the playroom because we don’t want him getting out of bed to play.

Stella has her own room.  Stella is a light sleeper, but sleeps through the night. Stella’s room is the smallest bedroom in the house. At this point in time, we believe we are going to have the new baby (regardless of gender) in with Stella. Her room won’t be hard to mix gender in decor and we can move the dresser by the window and put the other crib where her dresser is currently. I don’t love having the changing table by the window for things falling behind the table into the window sill, but it’s the only option we can up with for now.

To buy some time and feel like I am preparing for baby, we have purchased a couple decor items and a mini pack n play (the full size doesn’t fit in our room), spent 4+ hours rearranging our room and I think we have a nice little nursing station and baby area in our room. This will get us a couple months to see how Nolan and Stella mature and grow and more about Nolan’s personality to know where to go next.

teepee: I made (fabric from JoAnn Fabric)
Weighted Blanket: Amazon
Bed Sock: Boston’s Bed Soxz

Stove: Once Upon a Child
Kitchen: Amazon
Trampoline: Hand me Down
Sensory Board: Grandpa Made it
Drum: Amazon
Lights: Amazon
Swing: Amazon

Stella {& Baby}:
Curtains: I made Tutorial Here
Macrame Plant Hangers: Amazon
Plant Pots: Amazon
Hanger: rummage sale
Bonnets: SweetAsApril (and random second hands)
Slings: Wildbird (Second hand)
Fabric Boxes: Target (aqua/coral)
Crib: Kohls
Lamp: Antique from Grandma
Rocking Chair: Once upon a child
Bridal Bear: Family Heirloom

Baby Corner:
Mini Pack n Play: Graco
Name Hanger: Hobby Lobby
Name Letter Cards: Curioseum
Mobile: The Nest of Craftiness
Birds: Family heirloom
PomBanner: GlamBanners
Changing Pad Cover: Target
Night/Changing Table Light: Amazon

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