Race against time

YxIQTHUpRtytGQiPNnubWwWe went to our first parent teacher conferences this week.ย  We talked about how Nolan was working through his IEP goals and just getting school ready.ย  We left feeling like he is 1 in the right place and 2 making great progress….but it also left me feeling like we are in a race against time.

I know Nolan is going to follow his own schedule and make progress at his own rate.ย  That being said, in early childhood/early interventions of ABA that all makes total sense.ย  There aren’t really he needs to know this by this time.ย  He keeps trucking on the different things that help him grow and learn and we talk about all that he is learning.ย  That is the structure in which it is set up. When he gets into regular school, there is going to be a more rigid “know by” date.ย  That means he is going to fall behind.ย  ย  He is going to have to know things by a certain age/time or he isn’t going to be on track.

Also, his 4k is literacy based, he is going to have to work with books and letters.ย  He is going to have to sit when they sit, works on books when they work on books, pick a center to play in and play in it.ย  They also mentioned they do think pair share: think of your answer, find a partner, share your answer.ย  That is going to be tricky if you are non-verbal.

I know no matter where he is he will have the supports he needs. I know he will progress and still reach his highest potential.ย  I know we will support him, practice with him, and advocate for him.ย  I also know I cannot MAKE him learn something if he isn’t ready so I cannot just “get him” where he needs to be.

Though we have confidence Nolan will progress and he will catch on, setting our gut up for him to fall behind and struggle first, simply put, sucks. Not knowing what specific supports he will need is hard.ย  I feel unprepared and like I am racing the clock to get him ready for that structure that is inevitable.ย  I really feel like we are running out of time to get him (for him to get himself) all the way there, but there isn’t a minute we are going to stop loving him and working with him.

I guess we just have to wait to see what he shows us he can do and the way he is going to do it–which is really hard for the planner, type A mom that I am.ย  The race is on.


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