Pregnancy Fitness and Small Shop Shoutout

I have mentioned this on my Instagram, but I am not good at working out. If you give me equipment and time with it, I have no idea what to do. How many reps? How long? Which muscle groups together? I’m clueless.

At Inspirations Dance & Fitness the classes are guided and simple steps that, put together, work the whole body while dancing and balancing-THAT I get. She navigates the whole body as well as making it fun with fun, up to date music. Another perk, the studio is family friendly. What does that mean? It means my kids come with me. They play on my mat, under me, around me, or in the playroom. What a great way to set an example for my children than pushing though hard things while getting myself healthy.

Finding barre workouts online is one way a lot of people are getting exercise. I do think if it works for you that is GREAT, but I know for me there was no accountability. I just didn’t want to. But when I signed up (and paid for) a studio membership that had people including the teacher counting on me AND it was my money waisted if I didn’t go, it makes me really consider cancelling or not going at my typical time. This became even more important when I found out I was pregnant with baby 3.

I find following Inspirations Dance and Fitness on Instagram to also be a great motivator to my mental health. It pushes me to go to class, to do better, to be a better me. If you are not local to Appleton, WI, I encourage you to still give her a follow–it may be the kick in the butt you need.

Did I mention what working out does for you mentally? It is amazing the difference it can make. As an Autism Mom, there is a lot of stress. A lot. But having an outlet for said stress is amazing. Taking the time to care about me is empowering. Feeling and looking better–those are the icing on the cake. It is amazing when you begin to take control and FEEL in control of SOMETHING in your life how much better you feel.

Working out pregnant is far from easy. It is hard, and to be completely honest, it gets harder each day. I keep working out for a couple of reasons (and use these reasons to encourage you to as well.)

1- You want to be a great example of strength and perseverance to your children. I want mine to know life is hard and to work on things even when they are hard is an important motto to follow. “I thought about giving up and then I realized who was watching.” Your working out can help them to push through SO much when it is hard–not just physical fitness. Perseverance is a way of life–a philosophy to teach them-regardless of what they are pushing themselves past hard and into able at.

2- You want to be physically strong to being our {next} child into the world. Now, it is not the best idea to start a work out regimen while pregnant, but I do encourage you to start before pregnant so when your doctor says “you can continue your normal physical activity” this includes your work outs. If you don’t have a current work out, I encourage you to talk with your doctor and see what exactly would be a safe increase. That may be going for walks–still do that! It doesn’t matter what it is, you working to be better, stronger, and more physically fit in your doctors parameters is what matters. Here is my personal reasoning:

With Nolan I was put on 3 months bed rest (at 28w5d) and I feel that negatively impacted my strength during labor. I was, at that point, winded from going up the stairs. My legs were tired from the steps to my bed. Would I take it back and disobey my doctor and work out through bed rest? No. I just knew if I could, I would do better with the next.

With Stella, I was able to walk, but still had irritable uterus so exercise was still limited. I still walked our local pig to pig walk (about 4 miles for Make a Wish foundation) at 36 weeks. Was it easy? NOPE. Did I stop a lot? Oh Yeah. Were we the absolute last group to finish, you bet ya. But I did it. I got out and I moved. Labor was easier, but I still feel I could have done better. I knew I wanted to be a healthier person all around.

I started working out months before we decided to start trying for this next baby. I wanted to be healthier before any of this started. I wanted to start strong and keep getting stronger and then when I would get pregnant it would be maintaining my strength. It was no fun coming off a parasite that had me down 8 lbs in 3 days (to an underweight category) and 4 weeks pregnant. Morning sickness (and not telling the teacher yet) had me hating Monday and Thursdays. But I was determined. I’m going to keep on keeping on as long as I can!

I entered 3rd trimester last week in the middle of the weirdest weather (even for Wisconsin). Classes were cancelled and as much as I loved the break, I also missed it. I did my modified push ups on the steps, I did some plie squats. I just moved a little bit. Classes resumed this week and I am determined to keep on keeping on so I can make labor as easy as possible. Abs of steal can push babies out easier. Breathing through an exercise can help you breath through contractions and get to the finish line. Squats can make birthing positions helpful and last longer. I can feel good about me.

Please do not do any work out or join any gym while pregnant without consulting a doctor first. My studio modifies to pregnancy, please be sure you know these modifications or your studio accommodates pregnancy before joining. I am not a medical professional, just a mom speaking from my heart so please check with all medical professionals before starting any programs.
📸: @tricia.inspirations

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