Pre & Post Surgery

The week with surgery in the middle was true zoo style.  This blog gets its name from true experience people.

Now that the anxiety of surgery is done and I have made it through the whirlwind that was this week, we can talk about how it went.

The Monday (7days) before surgery Nolan has his anesthesia pre-op appointment and he was good to go.

Tuesday before was pediatrician pre-op-a head to toe assessment to make sure he was healthy. He developed a bit of a cough and had post nasal drip but was fine. They said as long as he didn’t get a fever or bad cough before Sunday he was fine.

Thursday, Alex worked a 20 hour shift and naturally Nolan got super sick. He got a low grade temp (99s), he was whiny, he was uncomfortable and when he gets a temp he vomits. This time, he vomited IN my recliner. IN.IT. Alone I cleaned it up alone. Nolan started coughing nonstop then. Since we are going into the weekend and he’s the first surgery on Monday, I called the ENT doctor at 4:20 on a Thursday and got a message the office was closed and their normal hours are Monday-Friday 8-5. 🤔 I talked to call line and then on call doctor and asked what I should do.  He said severe can’t catch his breath cough and temp of 101/102.

Friday, Nolan woke up fine so he went to school. He was tired, but did fairly well.  Friday night, Stella threw up.

Saturday, both kids were absolutely miserable so we called Nolan into school again. We rested and took it easy.

Sunday, Nolan was great, Stella was a hot mess.  We had to leave Stella at my moms so we didn’t wake her him the morning to get Nolan there on time.  She was not doing well at all, so it was hard to leave, but we had to.  We did Nolan’s normal bed routine including a bath with no lotions for surgery cleanliness. –I got the lovely bug they both had and I threw my guts up Sunday night-praying I would be able to go tomorrow and be there for my boy.

We needed to leave at 5:45am to be to surgery check in at 6. Naturally, surgery day was the first time in at least a week Nolan slept past 5am.  I woke feeling better, thank GOD. We woke him up and headed off to the hospital. Nolan did really great with everything.  He sat on that hospital bed with with his iPad and was as happy as can be.  He loved daddy tickles.  When they wheeled him off to the OR, he had the goofiest grin-just a boy with his iPad and a bed on wheels.

From them wheeling him off to the doctor telling us it all went well was 30 minutes.  We then waited only 10 more minutes for him to wake up.  We got in there and he was in fetal position under his weighted blanket just snoozing.  We rubbed his back and cuddled for a little while.  Then as he was waking he opens one little eye and says, “a iPad?”  We gave him his iPad and we let him watch as he woke.  He took a little while and then he decided he was done he got off the stretcher and went to walk out.  haha.

The two things I was most worried about: 1) His reaction to anesthesia (no allergies) and no complications with a routine surgery and 2) His waking up from the anesthesia (especially because when he is falling asleep on sleep meds he looses it and is just a hot mess) and if it would cause him to become aggressive or frantic. He did went through both amazingly and it made my heart so happy I cried happy tears when I hugged my snoozing baby boy.

On the car ride home we called to see how Stella was and it turns out she didn’t sleep at all that night. She was miserable and was just laying there moaning/crying all.night.long.  I called the doctor, got her a 10am appointment.  We brought Nolan home, he ran in circles around the living room already and was a rock star.

We went to the doctor at 10am Stella got in and was diagnosed with 2 severely infected ears.  She’s also had loose diapers for over a month now (since her last ear infection antibiotics 6 weeks ago).  Based on this, our doctor would usually try to avoid more antibiotics but her ears were so bad he couldn’t. We then had to collect a stool sample (so fun).

We get home and get her on meds and she is still a hot mess.  Monday was a really rough day for her.  Her temperature spiked up to 104 at bed time. Nolan was doing great, but then finally around bed time started acting fussy and uncomfortable.  We gave him pain meds thinking it was from surgery and put him to bed.

Tuesday at 5am, Nolan woke up SCREAMING.  He was screaming inconsolably and rubbing his ear on everything.  When he is hurt he rubs what is hurt on things trying to make it better.  He was rubbing his ear with his hand, on the bed, on my shoulder, on Alex.  I knew it was an ear infection. I called the pediatrician nurse line because with surgery being only 22 hours prior I didn’t know if I needed to go to ER or the doctors office.  She told me to call ENT and I made an appointment with her as well. I called ENT on call doctor with my number as the call back and for whatever reason my phone wouldn’t ring with the unknown number so I got 2 voice mails.  I called back and gave them Alex’s number. He finally got a hold of us to tell us we were fine to go to pediatrician.

Getting Nolan dressed for the doctor, I noticed he had to moon shaped marks on his chest.  I first thought he fell on something and they were bruises.  Then I thought he was leaning on something and they were red from the pressure. Then I realized they were circular—like the monitor when you are under general anesthesia.  Turns out he likely has the latex sensitivity I do to the adhesive.

10am  (exactly 24 hours after Stella) Nolan was in the pediatrician’s office and he was ready to say tough it out, its residual pain, but upon looking in his ear it is SEVERELY infected–just like his sisters.  He was also confirmed latex sensitive.  I dropped off Stella’s sample–to be told it was invalid based on incorrect directions from yesterday’s nurse.  Sent home with another for her. (Turned in on Wednesday)

You guys, I am writing everything that happened this week and I cannot even believe all that has happened.  It is insane!  BUT we did it!

Life is going to give parents trials. It is going to be hard and you are going to give up momming for the day (lots of days), but YOU WILL MAKE IT THROUGH.  Lean on those you can, laugh about it, and keep on trucking.  I promise you are not alone in your chaos–which is why I write.  Welcome to our zoo!

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