Trip Accommodations

FlpDA%ANSP2uMZKL6235swWe have vowed to still do every trip, vacation, or event we can regardless of how hard it will be.  We do consider before going to the event if it will be something that will not overly and unnecessarily stress Nolan out, but if we can say “he will enjoy it, but it will be a lot of work.” off we go.

We do have some modifications we make to make the trip as successful as possible.  They are often small things, but have proven to be helpful in making the trip as enjoyable as possible for all.

For those just joining, Nolan has insomnia.  Insomnia is a ROUGH diagnosis for a 2/3 yearRTREwsKIRr+kkdRFPlovAA old…on the parents.  Many, many of our modifications are to help with sleep.  We have a “sleep bag” on all trips and it is pretty routine what goes into it.

  • sound machine (per kid/rooms the kids will be in)
  • blue water projector
  • push button music box (per kid)
  • weighted blanket
  • video monitor (even if they are sharing a room we bring both monitors because we need to be able to visually see both.  Stella’s to know if she is going back to sleep or not and Nolan to make sure he is being safe.)
  • sleep meds (x2–color coded syringe & bottles), vitamins, and allergy meds, nasal spray, lotion–syringes
  • zippy and baby for Stella

You know how the saying goes “They packed everything including the kitchen sink?”  Well, we don’t pack the kitchen sink, but we do pack the whole crib mattress….pre-made.  The amazing crib sheet from Boston’s Bed Soxz is amazing.  It allows Nolan a sensory input if he needs one, it is also deep pressure for sleeping.  We have one on the twin bed at home, but it is nice to have this one on his crib mattress to bring with us and continue that bed routine.

Weather in Wisconsin can be tricky–so we also have to be sure to have the right pjs, clothes, and outerwear for the trip.

Both kids are still in diapers, so that is 2 sizes of diapers, a pack of wipes, 2 sizes of swim diapers, and most times-even the diaper genie comes with us.

Dont forget the iPad (charger) or DVD player with Blaze/Mickey DVDs.  With Nolan forgoing the nap, we all need the rest time!

…..and all of this ^^^ was for a trip we go WITH the kids.

When we recently went on our Mexico trip, we also had to pack everything they would need to maintain a “normal” routine accompanied by a VERY detailed schedule with times, what to bring to each place and your job when getting to that place:

  • School:
    • Cube Chair
    • Desk
  •  Connections (Center based Autism)
    • back pack
    • lunches (pre-packed)
    • lunch box
    • water bottle
    • milk cup

Then we have the “translation” page. Nolan has a lot of trouble with speech so we put a lot of the things he says and what they mean.

Then the medical page: allergies, meds prescribed and dosages.  Weight if they would need other medication administered.

If you are counting, that is a 2 page schedule and 2 additional pages of explanations to go. (per set of parents).

Then I had to set up with the school district that comes in home to visit another house, additional authorized pick up at connections.

Oh and add a carseat in my moms car since she’ll need to drive 3 kids and leave a whole vehicle that can fit 3 carseats if needed at my in-laws.

  • Why recreate the wheel?  If you are going on a trip I have created a google document for you to fill in if you are going on a trip.  I have made it editable, so
    • download and then edit OR
    • copy the document in google docs and only edit the copy
  • I don’t want your personal information to be shared!
  • Trip Planning Form for children

I needed respite from planning my respite!  BUT we left. They had EVERYTHING they needed.  The kids even spoiled their grandparents and slept better for them than they ever do for us.


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