Mom and dad on vacation!  We flew to Mexico for our good friend’s wedding….that being said, HOLY CRAP was it a lot of work to get ready to leave!

Our kids are split their time between the 2 sets of grandparents to best work with schedules of days already off (and minimize time asked off), my brother and his girlfriend house & dog sitting would be enough to manage….throw in therapy centers, making lunches, authorizing pick ups, in home school visits, sleep meds, etc and it is enough to make our head spin!

We have the most amazing, supportive families.  The forms were filled out, the schedules were made, the meds color coded, the picture schedules set, car seats arranged, the cars were dropped off, and the {MANY} bags were packed.  They have a blast with their families, we have a blast with our friends, and we will be back to love them to pieces!

Packing for 6 nights-NO CHECKED LUGGAGE--let me tell you, packing for 2 vs 4 in what you actually bring on the trip with you is AMAZING!  Packing everything your child always uses, sometimes uses, may use, and weather can go any way…not so much.

We have not been on a vacation since our honeymoon.  We have left Stella for 2 4 nights total.  Nolan maybe 10.  This year has been rough, real rough.  We needed a break. We needed respite care.

My point?

Being a parent is hard.  Keeping a marriage strong is hard.  Keeping your head up when you feel like you are drowning in appointments, home therapy, schedules, and life in general is really hard.  Everyone needs respite.  We REALLY needed respite.  We took 7 whole days and we took care of us, our marriage, and sanity.  We are renewed, we are refreshed.  We are ready go truck on again.   Though the guilt (of leaving non-sleeping kids & all the craziness I do every day on someone else who hasn’t had to parent let a lone parent a child with special needs in 20+ years) was immense, I genuinely know we not only wanted this, but we NEEDED this; we DESERVED this. If you can-you really should.  Even if it isnt a whole week, forget the guilt, forget the routine, take care of you and your marriage.

I will follow up soon on the lists, the packing, the scheduling and all it took to make it happen in additional posts soon!  For now, here are some of the AMAZING memories we created on our respite/wedding vacation.

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