Road Id

img_4471We won our Road Id from a giveaway Angela Blymiller, fellow Autism mom, and Road Id partnered up to offer.  Nolan is a wanderer and we have had him wander more than once.  We notice quickly, but we find comfort in knowing that he is able to have us contacted if someone should find him before us.  It also lets anyone who finds him know that he has Autism and is non-verbal so he can’t tell them his name, he can’t express where we are or where he saw us last, and they should go right to calling us.

I feel this also will help to serve a dual purpose.  I hope this bracelet will work in an emergency situation in the case there was police involvement.  I would hope they notice this bracelet and acknowledge his erratic behavior is because of Autism not anything else.This is important if he would get in a tight situation and people may think he is screaming or not following directions out of choice.  We were leaving his ABA center only the day after he got the bracelet and he waved bye bye to a classmate.   The friends mom immediately noticed his ID and asked where we got it.  I was so excited to note that someone noticed it right away.  Knowing it is noticed right away is helpful to me in knowing it is noticeable.

Our bracelet is the smaller of the choices, there is more room for more lines of text.  If your child also has medical needs you can add those as well.  Where he has the extra Autism icon, you can get a medical alert one as well.  The bracelet is cut to their size, more bands can be purchased when they outgrow.  I found the site great to work with and shipping (free after $35) was quick.   Highly recommend Road ID!

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