Usborne Books & More-Autism Support

As you may know, on top of taxi, autism mom, stay at home mom, and blogger, I am also a book lady. One of the things I love about being a book lady is how well these books can meet the needs of children of all learning abilities and levels–as well as give them a love of learning. I also love how we can support our community through the organization as well. We will be running both of the fundraisers through March so we are able to enter the information and give the rewards in the month of April as an Autism Awareness month gift.

Again this year I (#bookladygloudemans) will be running a cards for a cause fundraiser. You get 30 beautiful cards, their envelopes, AND the keepsake box for $31. That is a really good deal on cards! The proceeds (43%) then go to Friends of Autism-the local autism group sponsoring the Autism Walk we are participating in. They will be donated in the Strollin’ for Nolan name. YOU MUST BE LOCAL TO PURCHASE CARDS OR BE WILLING TO PAY SHIPPING TO GET THEM FROM ME as cards can only be shipped to one location (my house). Last year we donated $500, our goal is to tie or beat that this year! If you are interested in the cards and supporting the Strollin’ for Nolan team you can fill out the order form by clicking the button below.

We will also be doing a book drive for Nolan’s Autism center, Connections, LLC. I will collect monetary donations (PayPal family and friends) to give the center to use to purchase any books that they think would be a fit for the student’s at the center’s needs. To top it all off, our awesome company will match the donation at 50% as well! The more money donated the more they can buy AND the more in rewards they get. You can make a PayPal donation by filling out the payment information below.

****Connections, LLC is a for profit company that services children with Autism. Because it is for profit, this donation is not able to considered a tax write off.****

**For all donations, I will contact you via the email you use for PayPal to let you know it was received.
***If you feel more comfortable, you can send your family and friends donation to: as a family and friends payment.

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