DIY: 2 36″ floating shelves for UNDER $25 & how it relates to self care

Self care comes in a lot of ways. It does not have to be a spa or bath or anything fancy at all. I feel better about myself as a person when 1) I get something done-feel like I am “worth something” 2) when things are organized 3) when I can show what I did and people like it. Also, my way of dealing with stress happens to be shopping. I like to buy pretty things and then self care with the above again.

So was born my floating shelves idea. I wanted to buy the floating shelves and Alex told me no. I decided my self care was more important and I was going to get them anyway. I was searching for a good deal because I don’t like to go bankrupt over my ideas. I found some decently affordable shelves and was about to hit submit when I decided to read reviews first. One 1 star review said: “board wasn’t high quality, it was basically a 2×4” I had an aha moment and went on the hardware store website.

Turns out at this particular store, you can make an idea list and put items for it into a cart. You can then see what your idea would cost to purchase. You can then move the whole list (once done fine tuning) to your cart and order it all online and pick it up at the service desk. Sold. I made my list, did the process, and my total came to just under $23 and there wouldn’t even need to be a saw involved, there was a wood in the length I needed already cut!

All this came together spontaneously on international women’s day. My mom raised me to not be afraid of work. I may need help (especially pregnant), but there is a lot I CAN do. I took 2 kids to the hardware store on a Friday evening. I made all my own measurements. I drove through the lumberyard. I used the stud finder and the level. I had the vision and I knew what I wanted. I know how to use a drill and would have but needed a little help with finding the studs because of our specific walls and the angle it was all at (over an already exciting floor shelf). Alex helped me with this part (but not before making jokes that if I want to claim “I am woman hear me roar” I should do it myself). When it was done, I asked if he still thought I was crazy–he agreed if I am happy he is. I am very happy with the results.

For under $23 I spent about 3 hours building my floating shelves and decorating them. I felt like queen of the world, it was great self care, I could display some of my pretty things, I think it looks awesome, and I smile when I see it. Self Care accomplished.

Floating Shelves for under $23


**I put went to a local hardware store (Menards) but if you aren’t in a hurry, I am also proving affiliate Amazon links. Read full disclaimer at link at bottom of right.

I chose to make my brackets and the screws copper colored because copper is my new favorite and also the color of many of the things going on the shelf. I screwed the screws into the box leaving some of the thread showing so if it sticks out the board it wouldn’t be silver. I laid the brackets so all the parts showing were up. Being pregnant, I did all the spray painting outside….in the 3 foot tall snow bank. Drying doesn’t do well in the cold so I then brought it in to dry.

fun fact: cold masking tape doesn’t peel off all pretty.

I then used 2″ masking tape to mark where the shelves would go to make sure I liked the height, the width apart, etc. I then marked where the brackets would go using the laser level. (Alex has been asking for one for years and I kept rolling my eyes and now I TOTALLY understand the appeal!) I leveled across and up and down. We did put these shelves into a stud because the anchor we have are very large and we NEED drywall anchors on these walls.

We then lined up the tops of the brackets with the indicated dots, screwed in and set the shelves on top. It was then simply screwing the brackets to the shelves once they were leveled and centered.

I have intentions of putting the screws and hooks on the bottom of the bottom shelf to hang measuring spoons, the pie cutter and maybe a couple other things, I just was tired at that point. Then decorate!

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