On a Mission Apparel-Shop Shout Out

I found On A Mission Apparel when looking for Autism Awareness shirts for Nolan. I wanted one that wasn’t light it up, it wasn’t about no words (at the time he had words) and brought in my love for him.

I found this one and I fell in love with the toddler Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Baseball T 1) 3/4 length of the shirt to keep him warmer in April in Wisconsin, and then 2) the beautiful saying as well. I am so in love with this message and it was so awesome, when he outgrew the shirt, we actually bought it again in the next size up! Yes, I own this shirt in 2t and 4t.

When we bought our second, we loved it so much we bought a t-shirt with the same saying.

I did not know the mission of the company when I bought this shirt, but once I bought it I started following them on Instagram so I could tag them. While following their instagram I learned their true mission and how many wonderful products they have! I am in love with their mission and all the love they bring through their apparel. If you need an Autism Awareness T still (get ready for April, its coming fast!) Please check them out. Once you fall in love, check out their other lines, you will not regret it!

** We do not get any discount or reimbursement for these items, just love the shirt and the mission! Images used with permission.

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