Piper Lou-Shop Shoutout

I found Piper Lou Collection on a facebook or instagram ad and I am so glad I did! I found he cute blue “true colors” mug first. I thought, it’s autism awareness and cute. It is mine. Then I found out they make donations for awareness items. BONUS. When my mug came it was filled with some sort of mom life magic and these mugs keep things warm for hours–which is a mom’s dream.

They had a sale one time on Sherpas and I also got a second mug–this one I could personalize. The sherpa is one of the warmest coziest things I own and the mug, again, contains the warm mom coffee magic. I am so excited to support the cause by wearing and holding autism awareness, but knowing Piper Lou supports it financially too really makes me love shopping there even more.

We are coming up on April so if you are looking to support the cause and to look great doing it, I HIGHLY recommend Piper Lou Collectionย Causes. Then, when you love all the things you found to support Autism, go back and support them again because their sayings on their mugs and their shirts are must haves! So Cute! Check out their other causes too!

**I do not receive any form of reimbursement or discount from PiperLou, just love their products.

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