Preparing siblings for baby-Baby gifts

Before Stella was born, we took Nolan to build a bear to create a bear for her. Nolan helped pick it out, snuggled it, stuffed it, kissed its heart, and dressed it. We named it Rosey because it was pink and had little rosettes on the fur. It was a fun family experience and I love having these pictures and memories. Stella LOVES her Rosey bear.

We wanted to continue this tradition for this baby as well. I wanted a gender neutral bear that was pretty neutral in general to match the room and everything else we have accumulated for baby. We walked in and looked through all the bears…and Stella picked the bear that was brown but had the same fur as her Rosey bear. Stella hugged it immediately and was in love. Nolan was a little afraid of the sound the stuffing machine made, but was ok once the bear was stuffed. They both got to pick and put a heart in the bear and give it love. We named the bear Blessing because this baby is a blessing in the way it fell timing wise and we are so excited to welcome this little blessing into our family.

When welcoming a new family member, it can be a time of transition and it can be hard. Stella doesn’t understand that it isn’t quite her bear, but she does see that Blessing is in baby’s bed and is going to sleep with brand new baby–so its starting to make a little more sense to her.

We have no idea what the transition will REALLY be like but we are also feeling this little tradition is fun for mom and dad, cute little photos and memories, but a also a good bridge to help the sharing, selflessness, and understanding of the growth in our family.

I hope you find the perfect tradition and bridge to help your family to grow, feel free to use this one! (Though if you husband is Dutch like mine he may complain about the price of a single teddy bear the whole time πŸ˜‰ -But as Grandpa said, If you aint Dutch you aint much!)

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