Our Story again

We are really starting to grow and I wanted introduce myself, our family and reiterate the purpose of this blog.

I am Siraya- the Stay at Home ZooKeeper. I have my BA Education in early childhood and elementary education with an adaptive education certification as well. I taught in the daycares for 2 years in Chicagoland suburbs while my husband finished his pharmacy schooling. I then taught 4k for 4 years for a public school system, but housed in a catholic school system.

My husband, Mr. ZooKeeper, Doctor Alex Gloudemans PharmD, and I have been together since before we could drive. We went to separate high schools and colleges and did long distance for quite some time. We finally got married after being together for 8+ years. We have had many ups and downs and feel it has made us stronger in our marriage, in our faith, and in our ability to deal with challenges.

We are proud parents to Nolan Alex {4} & Stella Rose {2} and another little one due in April. We also have 2 dogs who drive us crazy & make our lives richer at the same time.

I shot up out of bed one morning {quite literally} & realized Nolan-only 2 weeks past his second birthday had autism. Stella was 4 months old and it was quite the shock to deal with with all the hormones, but we pushed through. After early intervention (assessments showed: sensory processing disorder, sleep issues, and expressive language challenges) he was officially diagnosed with Autism officially in January 2017 (2 years 4 months). We have been through early interventions (Wisconsin = Birth to three), home & center based ABA therapy , Speech & Langauge, Occupational Therapy, early childhood in public school, 1:1 swimming lessons, diets/protocols, and medication prescriptions and then adjustments and weaning.

We fight for this boy every day. We also love and support our daughter who is a great autism sibling and great person in general. She is vivacious and getting a laugh out of us every day. She teaches us how to love more than we ever thought a little being could teach. We are excited to bring another beautiful child into this world and watch the new relationships unfold.

As much as I want a cohesive and beautiful Instagram feed, I find my style is better represented by photos of every day life as we live it. I want the world to see our imperfectly crazy & exciting life as one they can relate to & see themselves in. I want all moms to know their best is best. I want to teach and support moms who are trying as hard as me to make it all work. I also don’t want moms to have to recreate the wheel so I share favorite shops, experiences, products, links, etc to try and streamline the process for everyone as well. I also share organization and packing we do to help if it can as well. We are all zookeepers of the zoo we created ourselves…we just have different animals in it! Join me as we manage to keep it all together, together!

Please share this blog, our Instagram, or our Facebook so we can continue to help unite and help mothers/parents. Life is hard enough already, we need to put competition, comparison, and perfection to the wayside and team together to help, support, educate, and bring up others.

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