Small Shop Shout Out

I want to shout out this recently discovered company! It is keeping my kid(s) safe and helping me to help them! I think this is a very important tool that would be helpful to all toddler parents but a significant safety measure that puts peace of mind in special needs parents as well.

Toddler Monitor is an awesome tool. It is available on Amazon or on the Toddler Monitor Site. The monitors can hang on any door knob or hook (if you patio door is like ours and has a loop handle). It is a motion sensing device that sends a blue tooth signal to your phone when motion is detected. You can personalize the sensitivity and the sounds/vibration of the phone. The phone is the item that makes sound/vibrates, not the actual monitor so it will not wake up siblings.

One way it helps is Nolan skitters back to bed when he hears it on our phone in our room. It also helps because I can catch him up sooner, ensuring better likelihood of getting him back to sleep. Nolan is easier to get back to sleep if his heart rate isn’t up from going to the playroom, turn on the lights and dive into his swing. And another way in which toddler monitor helps me is it tracks the times it was set off and then set back on–allowing me to track sleep. Sometimes I have no idea what time it was when I walked to his room with my eyes closed and wander back to my bed again. The monitor helps us to have a record of these times.

As you can see, the monitor has been great in aiding in our sleep safety. It is also going to be great when the warm weather comes (as apposed to the crappy blizzard/polar vortex we are currently in). Nolan is very excited about outside and I know that with 2 other littles around, it will be great to know if I have an escapee!

If you have sleep issues or just a little sneaky Pete like us, I highly recommend looking into Toddler Monitor!

** Toddler Monitor does not sponsor this post, I am posting for my genuine love of the product, but the Amazon link is an affiliate link and I do receive a portion of sales from there.

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