Registering after 1st Child

Baby-Registry-EditedI have been following many small shop/mom bosses on Instagram and one {of the many} things I have learned is that many stores you register at for baby you get a free welcome pack.  Some take more work than others, but to get a free gift is always nice!  Many also have completion discounts–a varying percentage off the items remaining on your registry after baby is here.

Now I am not saying you should expect people to buy you things (but if they ask you can have a place to send them to) and you are going to need things to use so making a list of sorts for yourself is always nice.  This can include all your wipes and diapers–and register for a lot of those to get the completion discounts post baby, too!  Nolan uses a baby tooth brushes that have 3 sides on them to speed up the process so I threw 3 on there too!

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 9.54.06 AMAmazon Prime helps you get the most out of this.  Prime membership, completing their checklist, and a $10 purchase (by you or someone else) of something off the registry gets you an awesome package.  There is a completion discount as well.  It is a little before baby comes.

img_3442img_3443My welcome package came!  So excited!  It contained some great gender neutral items as well as some items I am excited to try and find out how I like!  I am excited to have a couple bottles to make sure to find the kind baby likes before fully committing.

Many packages also contained coupons for the products so if you love them you can continue getting them!

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 9.53.16 AMTarget You can start it online or in the store.  There is an app that allows you to add to it (but modifications to settings done on the site).  The actual target app does not link to your registry.  If you start it online, you just go in the store to the service desk and let them know you started a registry online and you get your goody bag.  If you do it in store you should get it there (it is based on availability there).

img_3456I went and picked up my bag at the desk. It was super easy!

img_3457There were many cool items in the bag.  Some samples were smaller than others, but they can still give you a good idea of things you like and don’t!

img_3458There were many, many coupons including Target’s own batch of coupons in this pack!  Excited to use them!



Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 9.55.49 AMBurt’s Bees I have heard many things about Burts bees clothing and baby stuff.  You can add to a registry there and it leads you to a site called which also gives you the opportunity to sync other registries and add a button very similar to the Pinterest button to add anything to your site.
Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 9.52.59 AM

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 9.53.44 AMPottery Barn Kids You get a completion discount.  If you have multiples, you get a discount for buying more.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 2.18.54  This is another site that you can add ANYTHING to.  It allows you to import a link, find items from popular sites, and more.  I love I can add small shop items to this list because they have a link–fullsizeoutput_f6d0even an Etsy link will work!  You get a free welcome package when following their criteria as well!  Criteria is rather easy and does not include a purchase.



img_3877Noobie Box isn’t necessarily registering, but you can get a free sample box by registering on their site.  One box per house per year so for past your first baby is fine!


I feel excited that I have a pretty good staple start to brands to try and replace since Stella’s stuff will be just short of 3 when baby comes.  If anyone asks what we need/want, I can share my link (I am going to consolidate these all into Babylist) and share babylist.  Best wishes!

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