Hair Cuts

Children with Autism can have a very hard time with hair cuts.  The sounds, the feeling, the proximity of someone to their head.

We are fortunate that Nolan does ok with hair cuts….but I think it is because of some of the circumstances we do hair cuts.

My mom does Nolan’s hair cuts.  I think not having a stranger and it is grandma at grandmas house watching the normal stuff at her house is helpful.

Before we start we make it exciting, fun, and special!  “Yay Nolan!  Buzz buzz! Nolan gets to do buzz!”  He smiles and says “buzz buzz” Then grandma lets him touch buzz buzz and he giggles again.

We do the buzzer for the whole hair cut so there is not a lot of precision involved. Grandma just gets in when she can and buzzes a line and can take her time going in when he is ok with it.

We used to have to play Mickey in front of him to distract him, but we’ve even got away from that with his success.

This last time I gave him the pep talk I talked about last week. “You can do it!  You are such a big boy getting a buzz buzz hair with grandma!  Yay Noley!  Buzz buzz!”

He has progressively done better.  He used to need to be held on my lap with all those things, then he sat by himself but whined the whole time.  We progressed to he sat on his own and would just get “annoyed” after a while.  This last time, he smiled, laughed, sat through the whole thing and let Grandma go in longer spans that it was done quickly!


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