20 Week Ultrasound

With Nolan and Stella’s pregnancies I was a normal pregnancy until my 20 week ultrasound–then things happened.  I was determined that this pregnancy was going to be different.  I wasn’t going to need any NST (non stress test) or extra ultrasounds–not that I really had any control but it was for sure my goal. 

With Nolan, they first found an echogenic focus on his heart.  It is a small calcified spot but is also a soft sign for down syndrome.  We opted for additional testing solely for the purpose of being prepared and having the right specialists in the delivery room.  That came back fine but that is when I started having my braxton hicks every 5 minutes (28 weeks).  After a hospital stay and lack of progression I was sent home on modified bed rest. He came on his due date, perfectly healthy and 8lbs 12.6oz.

With Stella, I had a partial placenta previa at 20 weeks.  They had a follow up ultrasound to see if it had moved at 26 weeks.  It had moved enough that I could have a vaginal birth, but in measuring that they noticed Stella was measuring very small and her head was in the less than 1 percentile.  Then in my many growth measuring ultrasounds, they discovered an extra vessel by her heart that they thought was a possible double aortic arch.  We would need a cardio team and pediatrician at delivery, an echo of her heart in the first few hours, and nurse observation to be sure she was breathing and nursing with no restriction from the extra arch around her trachea or esophagus.  She came out in the 50 percentile for size and no heart defect at all.

We had a bit of a hurdle getting ready for this appointment.  Nolan was far from himself on Sunday and we took him to urgent care for them to say he just had a cold.  Monday, he slept A LOT more than normal–to wake up and have a large amount of GI issues.  We attributed that to the past day’s pain.  He got meds and rest and we thought he was on the mend.  Then on Tuesday he was completely normal!  We went to the water park, he smiled, had fun, it was a great day….until 5pm when we were going to head back to the pool and laid down on the couch and started crying and grabbing his ear.  We gave him Tylenol and he put himself back to bed.  At 7pm he woke screaming and we couldn’t get him to stop.  I gave into my mom gut and took him to urgent care again.  Ear infection.  We weren’t sure how he would feel on Wednesday and I really didn’t want to go to the appointment on my own.  This appointment would decide high risk or not and if there was bad news I wanted my support system with me, but I also wanted Nolan in good hands.  I checked with former therapists and friends who I knew had experience with special needs.  All were busy at 10am and I knew we wouldn’t be done by then.  We accepted that if he was still ill, I would just have to go alone.  Then, Nolan woke at 6:21 on Wednesday his normal self with his normal routine.  We gave him his antibiotics and Tylenol and sent him to connections, and he was as happy as can be!

Stella came with to the ultrasound as was the plan the whole time.  I snuck the iPad in to the bag with the intention of using it as a back up because I wanted her to see the baby if at all possible.  She did well!  She watched the ultrasound, she found glow sticks and needed a crown and bracelet, she played with her Olivia doll, Olivia needed a crown, and then she discovered the iPad.  She made herself comfortable afterwards too!

We had our ultrasound on Wednesdays and the results for this baby are in….I am NOT high risk this time.

All measurements were great, anatomy looked great, placenta is in a great location with great cord insertion.  Just a baby that would not stay still for them to get photos of the legs easily.  At one point, baby decided it hated the tech’s wand where it was and kicked it, hard. My skin being pinched between the 2 made it actually hurt…so first kick that hurt at 20 weeks.  Baby is head down and 14.4oz according to the ultrasound.  Baby like’s its hands up by it’s face so pictures were tricky but we got some…and baby has the same nose, cheeks, and tiny lips as its older siblings.

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