Conferences Response

Nolan is in the early childhood program there 2 days a week for half an hour.  He works with speech and the special education early childhood teacher. As mentioned, we went to parent teacher conferences. Thought it left us feeling like we are racing the clock, it also gave us a plan of action-things to work on.

Nolan’s sleep meds take a little while to kick in, so we turn iPad off at 7, give him his meds, and work on some of the suggestions she has made.

IMG_8561One thing Nolan needs to work on is books-listening to, participating in, tolerating.  Stabs a former early childhood teacher, book lady right in the heart!  His teacher suggested making books interesting by looking into books on tape. I have tons of those!  We went in the basement in my teacher supplies and pulled my boxes of books on CD.  I uploaded the books to the CD to iTunes, found an image of the book cover to make the album image, and we read a book. It wasn’t great, but it was a start.  She also suggested using finger lasers or something similar to keep what he is pointing to interesting. So we purchased some and tried them out.  He isn’t loving them on his finger, but holding them he liked to bounce them on the page.  At Connections, he works on pointing the objects.  They mentioned he likes it when they say “Find the ___” vs “where is the.”  I tried transferring this to books… “Nolan find the ___” He did it!

Another thing Nolan needs to work on is fine motor and core strength.  His dexterity is pretty strong, but he struggles with the strength once he has the things.  An example would be he can line up a snap and get it all ready to go, but the strength to push them together isnt there.  We are working on thinking of more ideas to strengthen this (please feel free to send more my way) but somethings we have started is coloring and painting.  Basically using them right now.

These things seem small. These things seem like easy things to work on. I feel so much better having a plan, a schedule/routine, and a literal thing to work on and watch grow.  I feel like I finally have something to grab and hold on to.

When someone is diagnosed with Autism you become an Autism family.  The whole dynamic changes and we all grow into different people.  Well we are all growing and we are all ready to keep learning and growing-together.



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