MRI day

img_1929We had the MRI first thing in the morning on Tuesday.  We needed to report at 6am with prep starting  and then sedation happening at 8.  Stella came a long for this one since it was so short, sitters were used for the EEG, and no one wants to wake at 5 to take her.

We were looking for anything suspicious on the brain: lesions (indicating past seizures), tumors, brain injury, etc. The EEG told us he is having the short neuronal instability and slower left temporal lobe and we were looking into a past occurrence or cause for those. We want to rule everything out medically that can cause regressions before we look into more treatment and therapy options  to help him be the most successful he can be. MRI are less scary for all of us as he isn’t attached to wires, its not for an extended period of time, and the actual physical test is shorter.



img_4298Nolan did phenomenal.  This kid is getting good at this.  He was sleepy but surprisingly cooperative.  After the numbing cream, he did phenomenal.  He literally watched them put the IV in and didn’t flinch.  I had to check to see if it was in because he started moving but he never even flinched.  Once asleep, they rolled him out and about half an hour later, they rolled him back in.  He took a little longer than past times to wake, but he was pretty tired from the early wake up so it wasn’t really a concern.  He immediately stared at the oreos, cereal, and red velvet roll on the counter.  We gave it to him and he basically inhaled it.


img_1931Stella did amazing as well.  She woke up so much earlier than normal and was still in a good mood.  She checked in on her brother and was so interested in what was going on. She was patient and very excited to see him when he returned.  Seeing this photo Alex took of her on her tip toes to see him getting his IV is precious.  She loves him so very much.

Results are coming in 24-48 hours.  We will update then with what the results are and what that means for our future and Nolan in general.

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