Diaper bag?

IMG_6897I just bought the most adorable back pack diaper bag.ย  I made sure it would meet my needs and be masculine as well.ย  The first thing my husband says, “Why on Earth do I need a diaper bag when we are almost out of diapers!?!”

The truth was a diaper bag was to big but the organization freak in me loves all the pockets.ย  I was using a regular back pack to just throw it on and it was one big pocket and I couldn’t find anything.ย  So I decided to invest.

Nolan goes from 0 to HANGRY very fast so food is always needed.ย  He eats with his hands for the most part so bibs, wipes, and change of clothes is always needed–plus potty training.ย  Then there is things to do, cords, and we never know where we are going so we should always have {winter} hats and mittens, and sunglasses, sunscreen, and bug spray.ย  And lets face it, with his insomnia and mom brain in full swing, I tend to forget A LOT so there is also a mom pocket.

My mother always had a mini van with pockets and bags that pretty much was everything we would ever need. She raised me basically like a boy scout- always be prepared. So, lets just say this bag is the swiss army knife of bags.

Here is what we put in our toddler/Autism backpack that is technically a diaper bag but doesn’t have a lot of diapers in it.

Backpack/DiaperBag: Amazon
Bib/Aprons: Bapron
Chalkboard Travel Set: HIGHLY RECOMMEND: ChalkFullofDesign
Books: Me- Usborne Books & More

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