Dietary Testing

img_2417There has been a lot of research done on the link between the gut and the brain.  If the gut is not happy, the brain is not happy.  We have been working in a variety of ways to help Nolan with this area.

His stools have been loose, which we have taken to be an indicator that his gut wasn’t happy.  Over 4th of July, Nolan would only eat Doritos and MiniMuffins–but his stools hardened and we noticed some changes.  So we were even more affirmed that this was likely a link.

Alex discovered a site called EverlyWell.  They do a home test via  a simple pin prick their finger and test it for food sensitivities.  We decided the test would worth a try.  We pricked Nolan’s finger and he didn’t even flinch.  He was fine with us squeezing his finger and dabbing it on the paper in the circles.  He started to get upset when he wanted his finger back and we kept pulling it back to tab on the paper.  Then we put the bandaid on.  He did not like the bandaid.  He was very upset about the bandaid.  We took the bandaid off and it would not stop bleeding.  I kept wiping and applying pressure but he didn’t like being held down.  Finally I put another band aid on, got him cleaned up, and let him cry about the bandaid.  He cried for a little while and finally he was able to say, “off” to Alex and when we took it off and the bleeding had stopped.

The results took about a week and they are in.  He doesn’t nave any severe sensitivities but his top ones-rating in the moderately category- were gluten, wheat, peanut, and soy.  Hmmm lots to think about and for us to try.  We have done the gluten free before and didn’t notice a difference, but then we were looking for different changes vs the ones we are looking for now.  Maybe it did make a difference then?  We are working on a plan–peanut butter sandwiches are out.  We aren’t sure if elimination and then reduction is best, or just a reduction in what we offer with these foods, or go complete elimination of these for good.

We have a lot of information to work with and we are taking that to try and do what is best.  We aren’t sure what this will look like as many (almost all) of the foods he eats rated somewhere on the sensitivity chart: carrots, watermelon, pineapple, eggs (white and yolks), cheddar, grapes, mozzarella, apple. Even extremely low–if we would eliminate EVERYTHING that came up on here he would not have a diet at all.

Though we will do everything for Nolan him eating something and not being in distress about everything is not our best bet either.  We want him to be happy and healthy, both combined are important to him and us.

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