They went tubing!

A milestone in both Alex and my life was tubing behind our dad’s boat.  We both did this at the cottages on the lakes in the summer–our dad’s getting faster and trying to get us off the tube as we got older.

This labor day we decided to try out tubing with both the kids.  Daddy when with them and we would do one lap. If they liked it they could do more.

koI2EgA0SNue4PuRsnkz6QNolan loved it.  It was sensory + water and he was giggling, laughing, and happy the whole time.  The bumpier the better.  He had a lot of fun and they ended up doing 2 laps.  He would have kept going but the big boys (read 20+ year olds) were itching for their turn.


z6GUu6IhTb+gOO+KbQQljAStella liked getting on the tube and when the boat was idling out.  Once the motor gunned to get daddy out of the water, she wasn’t a fan.  She hit the bumps, and there were tears.  Daddy signaled to “head home” and we did–tears as we did so.   We finally stop the boat to idle into the dock and Stella yells out, “that was fun!” haha Apparently she liked it!

We definitely have our fair share of challenges being an Autism family, but we have found ways to have joy, make memories, and make this new normal fun and exiting for the kids and ourselves.

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