String cheese and Bandaids Small Shop Shoutout

img_4307I found String Cheese and Bandaids on Instagram.  Her small unicorn was to die for.  I immediately pre-ordered it.  I then saw that she did custom orders and ordered this adorable Unicorn Lovey for Stella.  It should be noted that these unicorns have both been vomited on and washed and still look this great–but when I wasn’t sure how to wash them I contacted her via message on instagram and she responded quickly with best way to wash them.

She does small batch releases so they can be tricky to snag, but she recently had a mini snuggle bunny release.  I knew this would be a perfect gender neutral lovey for baby 3 so I attempted to score one, and I did!  With the bunny came the card of their mission statement and it made me fall even deeper in love with this company. The snuggle bunnies are designed to be machine washable over and over again!

“Each of our toys are homemade with great care in small batches making them truly one of a kind to treasure for a lifetime!  We are happy to say we meet most of CPSC toy safety requirements in the United States and strive to make toys that are safe for your little ones from the very best materials

We are an eco-friendly company using recycled and recyclable packaging and try our very best  to use every last scrap to reduce textile waste in our world.”

A company that cares so much about my child’s safety as well as protecting this Earth so my grandchildren can enjoy it really makes my heart sing.  String Cheese and Bandaids is an amazing shop boss mom.  I highly encourage following her on Instagram so you can be aware of releases and see her great work.

**No reimbursement or compensation made for this post. These are items I have purchased at full price and absolutely love**

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