Summer Plans

img_7715Would you believe Nolan is done with his first year of Early Childhood, his first “school year session” of ABA.ย  We are on summer.ย  That being said, this little guy does not get a summer “break.”

It was decided that Nolan would benefit more from ABA therapy intensive than summer school.ย  ABA feels the more intensive these young years the better (as is the early intervention mentality in general.)ย  Nolan is hitting therapy hard hoping to help close some gaps and give him as many opportunities for one on one attention, practice, and growth as possible.

Nolan will be going to center ABA therapy Monday, Wednesday,ย  Thursday, and Friday.ย  He will be going on field trips with them almost every Wednesday and we are still keeping him home for Daddy’s day off and family field trip day.ย  He will have fun, he will get experience, and he will get all he needs to be the best kid he can be.

I am going to miss him like crazy, but I genuinely know that he is getting the best advantage possible in his growth.

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