Potty Training Update

For those of you wondering…..
54767595648__3DE633E0-7C98-4C06-820C-58CE4EFF0427ABA sent me home with an entire case of size 6 diapers! They are considering him potty trained enough to no longer need diapers!

Nolan has been dry for 3 weeks now with the very occasional accident!  He still does not tell us he need to go, but he is getting routine down (every time we come in the house, if we say potty time) and we hare keeping him on a schedule. He has indicated a couple times he needs to go, but I would not say he gets it at all yet!

We also noticed if we stopped/slowed our praise he was having more accidents — We are thinking he thinks “if they don’t care why should I care?”  So praise each time it is!

What got us there was 30 minutes off, 10 minutes on.  We did this with praise and a treat1D84SvwISEizEW0+38+KYgeach time he went. The time sitting got shorter and shorter.  I also have to put him on the potty for a longer period of time (usually with the iPad) when he has his poopy dance or after dinner time every day.  That is becoming successful too!

I know we are more than blessed! We are lucky to say this method {FINALLY} worked.  I know this does not work for everyone and we had no idea going into this for the 400th time (we have been sporadically trying every now and then since he was 18 months old).

Autism is a spectrum disorder and even if they are at a certain point on the spectrum for one area, it does not mean they are in that same spot in another area.  Nolan is, for the most part, extremely sensory seeking and non-verbal, but for reasons even we do not understand he was able to potty train.  Your little one may be highly verbal and sensory sensitive but still unable to potty train (quickly or ever).  That does not mean you are not doing it right, it means it is not where your kid is.  Don’t compare (haha I preach this but don’t always practice it–but a reminder is always nice).


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