IEP Renewal

On May 16 we had our first IEP renewal/update.ย  It was the first time we aren’t creating a plan, but looking at what he was able to do and see if he met it or not and what plan was coming next.

I thought making the IEP was emotional, but going through a renew/update has been harder.ย  I see where we didnt quite meet.ย  I know how much more we have to add to reach for to get ready for 4k.ย  The expectations are higher, the deficits are bigger.ย  It is hard, but it is necessary to go through to make this smart boy shine.

I am feeling very mixed feelings after the IEP.ย  I feel like I have a plan and can move forward, but I also feel like I am holding a ticking time bomb.ย  Early childhood has always been about helping him go from where he is now upwards.ย  As he ages we have to get from point A to point B and if he doesn’t he’s behind.ย  It is an actual classified deficit.

That being said, our plan includes goals that are a reach for him, but still obtainable in a year’s time. We have a solid way of getting there and just hope and pray we see the light to help encourage and bring it out of him.ย  I just don’t know if it is enough to be really ready to be fully integrated into a 4k room.ย  That being said, I pray he makes extravagant jumps and meets these goals early and we re-evaluate and get to keep trucking.ย  At this point, all we have is this sweet guy trying his hardest!

img_7528After saying all this and writing this after the IEP, 2 days later Nolan walks out of school with his best session yet!ย  He was working towards the goals we set (that IEP doesn’t even start until June 6!) and was a rock star!ย  Maybe we will get to re-write the IEP sooner than we thought!

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