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I have really been struggling to feel like a person I love. I wanted a bit of who I am without being wife, mom, therapist, taxi, cleaning lady, etc.  So, I have been working to have some way to bring me out without neglecting all those things I actually am.  Enter Inspirations dance and fitness.

The first thing I found was that it had a great schedule.  They have a “Busy Mom’s Get Fit” class that is at 8:45-9:45.  It is not super early and it allows me to get to my 10 am meetings for Nolan I occasionally have.

I am not a gym kind of person–you put me in a gym and I have no idea what to do, how long, etc. I love dance/ballet and gymnastics.  Get me dancing and playing and if working out being a side effect then I am sold.  That is what Barre and AMPD Power and Flo are to me.  (kettle ball and HIIT are also options, I haven’t gotten them into my schedule yet)

Inspirations also has a supportive work out team.  They cheer you on, joke with you, compliment you on your progress and more.  Also, they are moms too so I feel like a normal person there.  There are people of all sizes and body types. There are people pregnant, with tiny babies, with older toddlers, with grown kids.  You need no background and you need no specific “type.”

One of my favorite parts, it is about me but you get to bring the kids!  I don’t need to find a sitter, they get some social time, and the teacher helps watch, calm, break up fights, wipe noses, and keep them from tackling you too many times while you do abs!  I feel like I am helping Stella be social and work on skills that come with being in a group setting while still focusing on me.

I am also being a good example of healthy with kids.  They see me go even though I was up at 3 am. They see me go even when I need to go to my knees and modify. They see me keep going the whole hour even when I hurt.  They see that I am taking care of me because taking care of me is important.

If you are local, I suggest looking into Inspirations.  If you are not, I suggest finding your something to get you out, to get you moving, to be more you and leave your other roles aside for a little bit so you can be more productive and confident in those roles.

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