First day of “school”

Well we made it. We both cried but we lived to tell about it and had a good day!

IMG_9829The day started off great.  Nolan was up when Alex woke at 6:30.  Upon further investigation (when I woke at 7), Nolan’s monitor had been turned off and his room was ransacked so we think he woke much earlier and we didn’t hear because he had turned his monitor off.

We got ready for school and headed outside for his usualIMG_9839 step and tree picture.  So far so good….but I think Nolan is starting to catch on that these photos mean he is in for something because he started to act clingy and sad.  That, then, got mommy clingy and sad.


After some cuddles, kisses and “yous” we loaded up the car to go to grandmas to drop off Stella.  Nolan cried most the time at grandmas….I am guessing because we wouldn’t stay.











Pictures when we got there didn’t go so well, I couldn’t a smile and we both just were crying and red eyed.  We were 20 minutes early so we went in the lobby and just cuddled the two of us trying to get a grip until it was actually time to start.  All teary eyed I got a smile out of him by showing himself on the camera.   This picture is what made me not completely lose it.  He is smiley and happy in there.


Still very emotional he got up and started walking around.  He was looking around and I loved these posters behind him.


I could see the anxiety slowly ebbing away and him getting excited.  I am not sure what did it but once his

tears had dried up some, he took my hand and brought me to the door that enters the learning area.  You need a passcode to enter the area so we rang the doorbell for assistance.

They looked at me and gave me all the reassurance he would be fine.  I handed his stuff off, gave him kisses and away he went.  I choked back tears and waited for my meeting (getting all of his goals/treatment plan and such).  I cried when she walked out, but grabbed a tissue took a deep breath and I was good to go.

By the time I left, the update I got said he was using his words (yay!) and doing very well.  I knew he was in good hands and I genuinely know he will be successful there, but I was just as nervous as any mom sending her 3 year old to school all day.

With Nolan at “school” and Stella napping I got so much done!  I never knew what it was like to have 2 kids napping and having it that way was baffling!  I think I set the bar too high with what I can get done in a nap time when uninterrupted!


I had to wake Stella to go get Nolan (though we are trying very hard to move her naps so we don’t have to, we are all still adjusting).  We got there and Nolan was in a much better mood!  I think he had fun! Upon reading his report I think he had a good first day.  They said he did well but kept taking his shoes off (ugh tell me about it).  Got a much better picture of him leaving!

IMG_8873In the 10 minute drive home, Nolan , my non-napper, crashed.  It could have been the possibly early wake up or the busy day, but it took a whole 5 minutes for him to crash.  He crashed so hard he didn’t wake to me getting him out of the car, which is unheard of, or me sitting on the step watching Stella trying to get him to wake.




When we got home, Badger was limping.  I carried Nolan up t his bed, and went to check on Badger.  Upon further investigation, I discovered another one of his tumors he had a couple months ago that is non-cancerous.  I heard Stella come up the stairs but assumed she was in the playroom.  I wrapped Badger and sent the picture to Alex explaining the tumor was back and it is a good thing the vet is scheduled for tomorrow…. only to hear “brudr, NaNe, awwwww, NeNe!”


Stella snuck in Nolan’s room and was tackling him and then cuddling with him saying  brother and Noley. All the heart eyes….AND HE SLEPT THROUGH THAT TOO!  He was out cold about an hour and then he woke to go for a walk, play in the sandbox and eat a great dinner.



And this, my friends, is why I live in a zoo.





I am working on giving a better glimpse of a day in our life.  If you don’t already, follow me on Instagram!  My story will have more of the live action.

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