Those Days…

All parents have their days…the days you are found scrounging for wine and wondering if 6 is too soon for bed….and then there are those days where your child(ren) are on.point.   Today, my kids were on.point.

As we took Nolan to his second all day of school, we took Stella to the Children’s museum.  If you follow me on Instagram, she was playing, talking, signing, doing art, etc.  She was on point.  It was so cool to see!


Stella and I picked up Nolan from school and he fell asleep. We played outside while he napped.  I brought him inside where he continued to nap and Stella ran up to me, signed more, and ran away.  I followed her to have her at her high chair reaching up and said, “up.”  She was hungry.

She then serenaded me with her song of E-I-E-I-OOOOOOO

IMG_9949IMG_9952Nolan woke up, we ate dinner, and we were excused. Nolan went to the door and said “outside.”  He usually says “side,” but today he said “outside.”  It was raining lightly, started thundering and started lighting, but Nolan said outside so outside we went.  I sat under the slide as both kids went into the sand box.

Nolan got out of the sandbox, walked over to me, moved my arms out of my lap, sat in my lap, took my hand and set it on his shoe.  I asked, “you want shoes off?”  Nolan relies, “shoes off”  2 words!  He said 2 words!  I grab my camera for shoe two and he repeated the whole process!

It starts to really rain (which apparently is scary to Stella so she came running to my ankles crying) and told Nolan to go inside its raining!  Stella, both dogs, and I ran in the house and I turned expecting to see Nolan back in the sandbox and I’d have to set down Stella and run back to get him.  Nope. He was running to the house too with the BIGGEST smile on his face.

IMG_9957As we go upstairs to get ready for bed, they are both happy playing.  I change the batteries in Stella’s music box and come back to find her doing just like mommy was doing.

We get in our jammies, and its time for bedtime routine (Nolan napped so he is not going to bed yet, just doing the routine with Stella).  We sing, we read, we pray.  Nolan filled in his usual words in Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Then we read Animally and he interrupted with “drink juice” which really just means he’s thirsty. I said book, pray, then drink and he accepted it very well.

Then when it came to praying they BOTH helped out filling in words and it was ah-mazing.  Nolan says “amen” Stella says “daddy”, Nolan says “doggies too” and then Nolan says “food, clothes, happiness, amen”  Alllll the heart eyes.

Nolan runs off and I am rocking Stella and put her in bed where she is all smiles.  I go in the hall and grab Nolan.  Stella is going night night, can you say night night?  Nolan walks in looks at her, “Night night,” and walks out!

Seriously!?!  These two leave me so proud!  We have both kind of days all the time, todays will stick with me for a while and really help me through when we have the other kind.

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