34 Weeks

How far along? 34 weeks
Total Weight Gain? 28 ish
Stretch Marks? Nothing new from other babies
Sleep: I am not sure if it is belly placement, baby’s position, or what, but this baby is by far the hardest to work around to get some sleep. Add in both kids waking lately and sleep has been very rough.
Best Moment this Week: Hearing everything is good and healthy with baby…the morning of the appointment Stella made the declaration: “We goin’ to see doctor and hear baby heart beeps” I love she is taking part and slowly getting it.
Miss Anything? Bending and sleeping
Movement: All.The.Time. The doctor even seemed a little surprised how much the little one was moving all around. Its usually not that tricky to track down a 34 weeker on the doppler.
Food Craving? I’ve loved the sparkling grape juice and chocolate.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Empty stomach and random times
Bellybutton in our out? WAY out. You can see it come to a point on my belly in the photo
Wedding Rings on or off? On. I am so glad I am no longer reacting to them.
Happy or Moody most of the time? Very up and down.
Looking forward to? Mother Son Dance on Saturday with Nolan.
Labor Signs? Contractions are picking back up but not at a worrisome level
Anything Else? We have had a lot of flooding in our area due to the quickly melting snow AND rain at the same time. Alex was working (naturally it was his 12 hour day) so I wanted to be sure to keep our house as dry as I could. I kept the drain tile clear and water flow to the fields open. Luckily we have managed to stay dry this far.

Our doctor informed us he is going in for a total shoulder replacement on April 24–my due date is April 26. Since he would like to be the doctor to deliver this little one, if we are ok with it he would schedule us for an induction before his last day. Though I am a little nervous about it, having an induction day so I am able to plan when people get Nolan to school, transportation and childcare. I am working with our doctor on the plan for induction that I feel most comfortable about. There is also a chance I could go on my own before–though I doubt it since my kids like to be like their mom and follow the rules and come on due dates or induction dates.

Nolan was 40 weeks.
8lbs 12.6oz
21 in
born 12 hours after my water broke on it’s own at home-5:26pm

Stella was 39w3d
7lbs 3 oz
19 in
born 7 hours after cytotech (first induction medication) was given (1.5 hours after water broke)-2:16pm

The pool is open for baby! Enter predictions in the comments!

I am going to award a prize to the winner of each category (if there are multiple answers that win, I will use random.org to pick the winner between those).
**You can comment your predictions on the blog, facebook, or instagram.
**Entering ends when baby is born (if before induction) or Wednesday April 17 11:59pm CST. All guesses after that date will be discarded.

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