Disney Movie Club

For Christmas last year Stella got a princess castle that allowed the princesses to be pressed down and they sang/spoke. She loved it and she loved to quote the princesses–but she had no context. I decided I wanted her to start watching movies to have context of these princesses.

I mentioned this to her Godmother and for Christmas, Stella got Tangled. She went and found Rapunzel out of the castle and watched the movie holding her. It was amazing and it was then I knew I needed to get her more movies–but it was going to be expensive. Then, as fate would have it an instagrammer I follow and love mentioned Disney Movie Club.

Basically, you get the inside scoop on movie releases, movies for cheap (5 movies $1, only need to buy 4 movies at full price in 2 years), and you then get your own referral code to earn a free movie for every 2 referrals. My code allows you to get started, but also helps me earn free movies if you use it (vs generically on the site). You then can share your code to get free movies!

Join Disney Movie Club with our link HERE!

Once our movies came, she followed suit holding her princess and watching the movies (we got Tangled and Moana too so they didn’t have a princess but great movies!) We are loving our movie nights, quoting movies with her, and her daddy has a MEAN rendition of “sing Tangled Dada!” Great family memories!

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