How different they can be…

Pregnancy is different for every mother. It is unpredictable and there is a lot that has to do with family history, genetics, body type, etc. What blows my mind even more is how different pregnancies and babies can be when they are grown inside and born from the same mother and have the same parents.  I mean I how can Alex and I have 3 completely different pregnancies when all the above mentioned stuff is the same. One thing I cannot deny, these 3 are for sure siblings–they look so much alike!

I was considered high risk with both my first pregnancies and (surprise surprise) for TOTALLY different reasons.  I am praying this one goes smoothly–so far at least this pregnancy is not considered high risk.

Nolan had basically no morning sickness, he was LOW, and he was big. Stella was nauseous (never threw up just felt sick the whole time), was high, and TINY. This baby is some morning sickness, middle, and middle. First trimester was so much like Stella I was sure it was a girl. Second trimester was a mix, and this third is closer to Nolan’s and I am on team boy. I literally have no clue what gender this kid is.

Nolan was a natural labor, quick dilation, good epidural, took forever after dilation, pushed for 2.5 hours, he was huge, significant tearing. Stella was induction, even faster dilation, failed epidural, there was no time after dilation–doctor had to come at a jog, pushed 3 times, she was average size, no tearing.

It is baffling how different everything can be but at the same time there is a need to hear other’s stories, to know what is going to happen, to compare to wonder, to know more. The community of motherhood is a weird (often TMI) place, but I am here to be another experience, another perspective, and one more story.

Up in the menu you will find a baby tab that includes pregnancies (a different page for each child), gender reveals for the first 2 (we had parties and fun reveals), and their birth stories.  I will continue to update this little one’s as well.

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Nolan Pregnancy
Stella Pregnancy
Baby 3 Pregnancy
Gender Reveals
Birth Stories
Nolan Birth Story
Stella Birth Story

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