Packing up Christmas decor

Packing up Christmas is stressful. Here in Wisconsin, it happens either that one warm 40* day or in March when the snow melts. We were blessed with that 40* day on January 5. That meant a rush to get the lights down before we froze our buns off–also left me feeling a bit like a Scrooge having them down before the epiphany. ANYWAY…

It takes a little bit of time and seems a little crazy, but trust me it works. Also, note we do it in a way that makes sense TO US. If someone tried doing our decor it wouldn’t make much sense… or if our neighbors moved.

I have learned that the more organized I can be taking decor down, the more organized I can be putting it back up in the fall–reducing the fights between Alex and I in half. The key–label label label. Label where to plug in, where it goes, where it attaches, etc. Put like things together. Outdoor bin, tree bin, mantle and hanging bin, rest of house decor bin, etc. Label the bin, label the items in the bin.

Now, to share one’s basement can be a little vulnerable, but it is organized chaos I promise. I can find anything and that in itself eliminates most fights as long as I am directing the organized piles.

Hope this helps you get in less fights and hate the process just a little bit less!

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