Goose and Mills Small Shop Shoutout

There is a purple from the market collection missing. I may have missed one or two bows. Not pictured are the clothing items we have gotten as well.

Stella was blessed with a head of hair from day one. I have been a bow addict from the day I learned I was having a girl. Having a daughter with the hair to accessorize, I may be a little bow crazy.

One shop I have developed a pretty good relationship with (and they have also had a purse launch, some peplums, and some dresses) is Goose and Mills. Named after her 2 kids, she has her little girl show off her awesome talent for all kinds of bows and cute girl outfits!

Market Collection (all colors), swim bows (hold their shape in water, are stitched into place, and have a plastic clip to avoid rusting), daily bows, cozy collection, scrunchies, mommy and me, holiday/themed, Disney, velvet, corduroy, and releasing TODAY AT 10AM CENTRAL: Satin and Valentines collection (Including peplums with heart elbow patches!!)

I highly recommend these bows and Goose and Mills customer service. They are so great at spoiling your little girl with amazing bows and so many cute looks! Check out the release today for the bows and peplums as well as what is remaining in other collections! There is also a bow subscription club you can join! You won’t be sorry. I also suggest following on Instagram to learn about new releases and whats new! Follow on Facebook VIP and get awesome sales and discounts (cough cough:: watch weekly ::cough πŸ˜‰ )

**We do hold “brand fan” position. We do receive a percentage off the bows for the terms we sign on to be a brand fan, but not receive any reimbursement for your sales. I share this because I absolutely love them and am an authentic “brand fan.”

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