Ryan and Rose Small Shop Shoutout

I found Ryan and Rose on Instagram.  Probably a giveaway or something about her second pregnancy caught my eye.  Anyway, I found them when Stella was about a year so I had no reason for her products.  Neither of my kids took a paci/nuk so I didn’t have a reason to need her products when I started following. 

I enjoyed following though!  She signs as she speaks in her stories, which I like to help with my signing with Nolan.  She is also faith filled and a real mom.  Her second daughter is here and as cute as a button.

Her items are adorable and I longed for the need of them one day.  Then we found out about miracle baby 3.  We were ecstatic and this was one of the first things I purchased after finding out. I am excited to see if this baby will be the one that takes a paci….and if not I will keep these cute things clipped on anyway (kidding).  

She announced on Monday they are caught up on orders, they have a shipping special until Christmas (2018) and a bundle available as well!  Go check out Ryan and Rose and purchase your cutie clips and PATpats today!!

**I get no reimbursement or discount for these products, just products and a small shop I adore.**

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