Chalk full of Design Small Shop Shoutout

img_4399I started following Chalk Full of Design on Instagram a while back.ย  I would have to say it was one of my first small shops and I just love the shop but also the woman behind it!

I love looking at her posts, her captions and her stories.ย  She cracks me up in the best ways and is so real as a mom and business owner it makes me so happy to see.ย  She is a mom of 4 kids close in age and she is just rocking motherhood the best way she can.

I was first attracted to the site because of the high quality chalkboards they have to offer.ย  I love these educational tools.ย  Also, with the markers, they are not messy either!ย  A quick baby wipe rub down and they are good to go.ย  With the chalk markers, there is also no chalk dust.ย  Swoon.

I love the personal ones for my kids to practice their names as I have learned the best way to teach letter, reading, and more is to use their name as a foundation.ย  ย It is also an important thing to know about themselves.ย  I love how they look displayed as well.ย  You may have seen my many posts where we play with the travel kids when we are in the car or on trips and she is also the creator of my weekly bump photo board.ย  She also has my all the things boards, first and last day of school boards (and many, many more).



SO GREAT NEWS! Chalk Full of Design is doing their Black Friday sale (biggest sale of the season TODAY!!) It is one of my very favorite small shops ever, and they are having their largest sale ever TONIGHT at 8pm CST! Their entire site will be 20% off for 24 hours, and I CANNOT WAIT TO SHOP. I’m passing along the info because I am so pumped!ย  You should totally visit the site TODAY and follow Chalk Full of Design on Instagram every day for sales, chalkboards, learning, laughing, and an all around great person/company. The special code will be released on her instagram–but go fill your cart now!!


**I do not receive any reimbursement or products for this post, I just love their products.ย  All products in this post and previous posts have been paid for.

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