Threaded Arrow Small Shop Shoutout

When I was nursing Nolan I struggled with the reading (trying to get a light while keeping him drowsy, holding him a book and turning a page, etc. ) I resorted to browsing facebook.  With Stella, I concluded book reading was out of the cards for me so I started browsing Instagram. I discovered a whole other world and community.  There are millions of small shops promoting themselves and their great products on a forum that allows the to talk, share, and get feedback.  I fell in love with small shops and the Instagram friends I developed.

As I work to get this blogging thing off the ground I have learned that it takes a lot of personal relationships and getting people to your page (and interacting with it in order up traffic).  One way to do this is to form genuine relationships with other people and work together with them to help each other grow.  It is a community of support vs. competition.  I want to take some time to shout out to some of my favorite shops so they can get some of the traffic they deserve as well as share some of the items I have come to love and why I love it.  I will not share anything I do not enjoy and personally use (or plan on using).  I may have a relationship with the small shop where we trade images and posts for items, but that would be indicated (and again I would not share this information if I didn’t enjoy the products.

img_4303-1With out further ado, my first small shop shout out: The Threaded Arrow. Her Instagram is filled with adorable new prints and items she has as well as adorable babies wearing them!  She also really values your opinion and wants her shop to be what you want so she often does surveys and such on her story and she thanks you for your time with goodies at the end 🙂  I have also discovered in getting to know her that we both have baby 3 due in April, our last names are close, and our baby announcement could be almost the same!  I loved this collection she offers (individually or as aimg_3508bundle) because it  is gender neutral, all the essentials, and can have us prepared for boy (hat) or girl (bow).  I am loving the material she uses for the swaddles and every item here is in our hospital bag!  I purchased these items for the baby announcement and I am so glad I did!  It looks so perfect! Go give her a follow on Instagram, and go favorite her Etsy shop.  For those of you that took the time to read and got this far use code: SIRAYA15 for 15% off your order!

*I purchased my first item from The Threaded Arrow and have a shop credit to get more and share about those items as well.

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